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  1. Oh no! :o


    Not too long to wait now anyway. :) wait it's the 5th April, I need to make a cake.


    I saw the Scott Pilgrim trailer the other day, I thought at first of Michael Cera doing the same thing again but at least there is a bit of a comic book twist. :D I also thought it was Lazy town the movie for some reason. :heh:


    Iron Man 2 looks badass. Although is it just me or does Mickey Rourke as the whiplash guy look slightly camp? Made me laugh immensely anyway.


    Sherlock Holmes was better than I thought, just fun a bit throwaway though. I could do with a number 2 though I'm not dying to see it.


    The Next Harry Potter needs more Ron regardless of whether they stick to the book or not.


    THE WHIMSICAL ADVENTURES OF RON (with a bit of hermione) is what I want from my Potter films!