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  1. Denmark's Finest

    Who's your first?!
  2. Terrified Dane

    I utterly, utterly love this.
  3. Smelliot becomes more of an Xpert, canand still awesome

    Happy belated birthday to all!
  4. He knows the nudes

    A slightly belated happy birthday!
  5. Forum User Photos

    Shit - lookin' good, @Animal!
  6. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

    A much belated happy birthday!
  7. Denmark's Finest

    Thanks, guys. The "Terrified Dane" meme is the best present I could've got.
  8. Interstellar

    Judging by the glimpses at the end, I think Nolan is purposefully withholding a lot of interesting stuff.
  9. General TV Thread

    Oh, no, not at all; it's definitely a great translation. It's probably just that I'm critical of translations in general.
  10. N-Europe... I'm a married man now

    You make such a gorgeous couple! Huge congratulations! It all sounds amazing!
  11. General TV Thread

    Because that kind of thing fascinates me, I took a look at Netflix UK's translation; it's good, but it sometimes lacks some nuances.
  12. bad stuff thread.

    Jesus, you guys can get cheap haircuts ...
  13. Eurovision 2014

    I really enjoyed the show this year; a lot of good entries. My favourite was Switzerland; the whistling, the violin ... it was just a friggin' happy song! Regarding the winner, I'm a bit ambivalent. While it's hard not to admire the amount of support for Austria's entry and the message behind it, I feel it won for the wrong reason; it was a great song sung by a great singer, but it seems undeniable that it won for political reasons. Then again, I guess politics have been a problem with the Eurovision for a long time now. I was also quite shocked that people were booing the Russian performers, as if they could be held responsible for Russia's policies.
  14. General Movie Thread

    They should stop wanking so much over one of the most boring X-Men. #controversy
  15. Eurovision 2014

    I found Switzerlan's entry very catchy, and I also liked ... I think it was Slovenia?
  16. bad stuff thread.

    I'm sorry.
  17. Yeah, it sounds like you need more time to process this before getting back into the dating game.
  18. Eurovision 2014

    I liked Armenia and Sweden's entries. I also really liked the stage and the presentation of the show in general.
  19. Bob Hoskins dead at 71

    Despite how bad the Super Mario Bros film is, I actually really love it. It's just so wonderfully tacky. R.I.P.
  20. This year I plan on staying in London from Friday until Sunday/Monday, so if anyone is doing the same, I was wondering if we could arrange something regarding accomodation.
  21. bad stuff thread.

    Damn, that's a tragedy.
  22. Funny Stuff Thread

    Looking at that profile, though, I'm not sure it's actually Miyamoto ...
  23. How do you look so fabulous thread

    I don't do anything about my appearance in particular, really; I shower regularly, brush my teeth, get a haircut once in a while ... the common things. I am confident I could be eating and sleeping a lot better than I do currently, though. Regarding my beard, since I started shaving it again I've heard rather differing opinions. Apparently beards are quite the divise issue.
  24. Taboo Topics

    No, that is precisely what he isn't doing; he's deeming an act right or wrong independently of culture. And even if that wasn't the case, the entire point of freedom of speech is that he doesn't need to keep his opinion to himself.
  25. Comedy Rainbow

    Though I claim to be sobering up at the end of my review, after closer scrutiny I have concluded that I am still rather not-sober.