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  1. Strike! Royal Mail Censor Resident Evil 4

    i'm having a dilema about this game - I want it on release day but have to wait 5 weeks to get my 37" HD TV with 5.1 surround sound and i'd like this game to be first I play on it. Wait until 11pm or until the room is pitch black, krank up the volume and play it in full 37" with compesite glory or play it on release day on my normal 24" crtv. What do you reckon? and if wait - has anyone played driver ps2 version, should I get that or Harry potter for the time being (HP got 7.6 for the wii version).
  2. Dont think Ms and Sony are holding the industry back - they are predictably releasing new consoles / games as they always have with mor powewrful consoles and better looking, bigger games and 1 year ago that would have been okay for me. Since getting the Wii - that bores me now and the Wiimote has ruined FPS with the control pad for me, I also predict it will for driving games also once a decent effort comes along. Nintendo has pushed the console and the handheld market and blown it wide open in my opinion and turned it on it's head with state of the art / massive hig budget producted games looking old and tired for me now - it's all about the gameplay and innovation. This is where smaller dev companies where the devs get a lot of freedom of though will flourish, the Wii was aimed with them in mind and Pollen sonata looks to the be the first game that'll demonstrate this. No More Heroes, Opoona, REUC, Ghost Squad, Red Steel 2 (it'll come - and it'll be fantastic), Tiger Woods 08, Maddens 08, Zak and whatever it's called quest for barbaros treasure, Pollen sonata, Spore, My sims (not my type of games but this'll be huge). The third party support will be there for the second release of Wii Games and they're getting better every release schedue that passes. (RE4, Harry Potter, Dragon Quest, Dragon Arms, Sims Pets, Trauma Centre on this release schedule )
  3. dont think they're pushing the industry back, Ms and Sony's PS3 and X360 were very predictable and they released text book next gen machines but Nintendo have given small developers a very real, cheap, advantageous third option where the Wiimote ensures that games can have no limits - only the devs imagination. With companies like Seeds, Jetblack, the Pollen Sonata game and small pc dev companies releasing old pc games to the Wii already it's looking like a new market of dev companies could flourish this gen with the Wii. In fact - by the time companies like Konami / Namco wake up and start to realise the Wii is going to be massive this gen and not a fad then it may be too late as these small companies concentrating 100% will be used to devleoping for the Wiimote.
  4. Dragon Blade: Wraith of Fire

    we need this one to succeed, needs to be the biggest third party exclusive this year for the Wii otherwise companies like Konami are never gonna give the Wii many hard core games. If Red Steel and this can make it as million sellers then it sends out a big message for the next wave of third party games.