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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    HUGE. really impressive. Looked a little barren BUT...this is just one area and Neon LA was buzzing. I took a ton of pics via the N-E twitter. Have a gander.
  2. Xenoblade Chronicles X (4th Dec)

    Coming up in like 30 seconds on the Treehouse. :-)
  3. Splatoon

    Liked this tweet: Microsoft: what if you were a white man shooting people? Nintendo: what if CUTE SQUID GIRLS!
  4. Splatoon

    It's their reactions and passion for the game that's good too. It looks like the ultimate accessible shooter. I've wanted Nintendo to do a paintball game for years. They've really nailed it here. : peace: lovely arena too. Tight design and the concept is just slick as hell. It's cute/messy/tactical but looks so accessible. Gotta be a winner! And the new IP! : peace:
  5. Splatoon

    My game of the show so far. Looks incredible. Colourful Nintendo shooter done well. Am I dreaming? Would love Amiibo functionality and Mii integration. Amazing how you can hide in a spot of ink! N-E Splatoon nights will be fun.
  6. Devils Third

    Looks good considering it's early. Nice to see something a bit different for the system and owing to the intro talks about war/religion/democracy, it should have some depth. EMP and school of democracy sounds good. Some technical info was given such as GamePad functionality for sharing information and communicating with other players. Got a cheeky pic in our twitter feed... https://mobile.twitter.com/N_Europe
  7. Nintendo Digital Event E3 2014: BYOP

    Devils Third on IGN looking like fantastic fun. Reminds me of Uncharted 3's multiplayer mode.
  8. Nintendo Digital Event E3 2014: BYOP

    Epic post. HYPE GET!
  9. Play Nintendo - Announcing Nintendo @ E3 2014

    Were MS and SONY conferences that long? Wow! They didn't feel that long tbh. At the end of them I felt like I's just watched a few games being shown amongst a crap ton of concept adverts.
  10. Wii U General Discussion

    Agree - it's the reverse of the Wii situation, which had the biggest userbase. The answer as to why they are releasing content on other systems may involve moneyhats? If some developers had to wear stickers of their sponsors like F1 drivers do, they'd be covered head to toe.
  11. Wii U General Discussion

    Just read this fantastic post over at GAF (yup) and it pretty much sums up the industry at the moment. Hyped for Nintendo's conference - at least I know I can watch Nintendo and indies without wincing at the amount of dead bodies on screen. Bring the fun! : peace: Hhhhnnng:
  12. Wii U General Discussion

    Retail: Nintendoland AC III AC IV Batman Arkham City Rayman Legends SM3DW Sonic Racing Mario Kart 8 DKC: Tropical Freeze W101 Pikmin 3 FIFA 13 Digital: Mysterious Cities of Gold Little Inferno F-Zero SNES Ducktales Pullblox World Must say...having owned everything bar a 360 in the previous gen, I have a ridiculous amount of games for WiiU and with W101/SMW3D, Pikmin 3 and DKC:TF I've had some of the best gaming experiences in recent years. When I was playing W101 I was just thinking 'this is unique and utterly incredible' before jumping into the multiplatform AC games and loving their familiarity. Times like that I love having a Nintendo console. Sure, it's rare to have the unique offerings that come with Nintendo consoles, but when you have such choices on a platter, the system is fantastic. Also - the browser. Use it all the time. What a brilliant choice and as fast as my iPad with the latest update! WiiU is great. Thing is, if Nintendo pull their finger out it could be even better!
  13. Iwata Skipping E3 Due to Health Reasons.

    I meant as individuals and in the long term. Wishing Iwata a speedy recovery.
  14. Iwata Skipping E3 Due to Health Reasons.

    Seriously: Maybe this is why they are focusing on QoL too? The masters are all getting older. They've had some innings though. Most artists drop the ball. Even The Beatles fell out and lost it...Nintendo operate like a machine!
  15. Play Nintendo - Announcing Nintendo @ E3 2014

    Comedy gold tbf...
  16. Mario Kart 8

    How far will this go...lol
  17. Wii U General Discussion

    This is why I bought a PS3 during the Wii era...when the price dropped significantly enough and there was content that appealed to me. May be the same with the PS4 and although the PS3 ended up being a FIFA/PES and Journey/Flower machine - I'm still not sure if it was worth the price of admission. Although Heavy Rain & Uncharted 1/2 were experiences I adored. Think this gen I'll wait until the end and pick up an XBone or PS4 cheap and catch up on their exclusives. At least then I'll have content to play while Nintendo have their usual slow launch!
  18. Play Nintendo - Announcing Nintendo @ E3 2014

    What, for 60 seconds? Nintendo's concept of timing is comic. Probably explains their release schedules.
  19. Wii U General Discussion

    I'm not slagging those systems off in any way, but when games such as FIFA/COD/AC sell so much, is it any wonder devs put their titles back? It's like the Nintendo effect. Most developers don't want to go up against the AAA content. If the game ends up being better it's good for the gamers at the end of the day. There seems like a lot of ports on the PS4/XBone though. Saddest thing is that their originals are on Sony/MS's prior consoles but they don't appear on the Wii or WiiU. This industry is stupid sometimes. Tomb Raider for example!
  20. Steel Diver: Sub Wars

    Nah, more like top of the agenda at all Nintendo meetings: 1). Pi$$ off Dazzybee
  21. Wii U General Discussion

    They've probably realised you don't need software for the PS4 and XBone to sell, so they can just sit back and watch the user-base increase first.
  22. Mario Kart 8

    The film Gravity.
  23. Costume Quest 2

    It's because there will be a map on the GamePad right? :wink:
  24. Wii U General Discussion

    They are only as loud as you decide. You can always, y'know, 'not' listen to them?