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  1. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    1) clear 100 man smash 2) beat classic with 5 characters 3) beat classic on 5.5 difficulty or higher (if you die the difficulty is lowered by .5 so bear that in mind) 4) KO one enemy in cruel smash Those are the ones I've unlocked so far.
  2. amiibo (NFC)

    Got Zelda for what I found a rather inflated price of £16 off Amazon because nowhere seemed to have her. Didn't realise these would be so in demand. My boyfriend has Link, Peach and Kirby so we're kinda sharing. I want Sheik and Rosalina! Still trying to figure out if Nintendo *really* found a use for them... Their role in smash bros thus far just seems rather bizarre to me.
  3. Hyrule Warriors

    I got a wii for xmas and have been playing this a lot more than the other games I have thus far - actually love it. Lots of content still to do (didn't touch adventure mode untill i finished main campaign). Need most characters other weapons, but some missions will be the death of me. That said, my highest level is 48 this far... Is there any info on what the new content will be coming soon? Not that I've done much of the other maps yet...
  4. I pronounce it as 'O-Mayga'. My mum always talks about her old cat Omega and pronounces it "ohmeGAH" (emphasis on GAH). I think that's the 'proper' way, but...eh.
  5. Exciting! I haven't actually been 'around' for a Pokemon launch in a quite a while...I didn't have a 3DS until last Xmas so other than looking at the new Pokemon, I didn't bother myself with info too much. I'm looking forward to this because it was the only gen I never played/completed. Had the steelbook of either version I'd like on preorder...might go to the midnight GAME launch. 'Cause I'm that goddamn cool. Looked at the Version differences on Serebii's site, but other than Pokemon, are there any more? I have no allegiance to either mascot legendary, other than I kinda hate the look of both. Push came to shove I'd prefer Kyogre.
  6. Wii U General Discussion

    More stupid questions from a n00b: 1) what's a good/best value external Hard drive to use? I've only ever used Lacie Rugged drives for my computer. 2) even more n00bish - I've never bought a TV or anything (just shared families one and lived without one at university) - what specs would one look for in a TV if they wanted to get the best out of the Wii U (or any console really)? Again, not hugely in need of cinema style screens here but just wanted an idea from people who would know. 3) does the WiiU premium pack come with two controllers? I assume not. I would just use current Wii remotes but I think my sister might have killed the rechargeable batteries by leaving them on charge for literally weeks at a time. God, I know absolutely nothing.
  7. Wii U General Discussion

    Thanks for all the opinions and info guys. I dunno! I think it might be the first bib purchase I treat myself to once I've moved out and have my own place. Staying at parents again at the mo and don't want to overtake their TV.
  8. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Aaron's Thor was/is/will continue to be great. #latetotheparty Absolutely epic in scale sometimes, then beautifully down to earth in others.
  9. Wii U General Discussion

    With Smash Bros having reignited by interest in both gaming and Nintendo I have been toying with getting a Wii U ... But I would LOVE if you guys could advise/tell me things. Best offer out there? Is the stable of games as tiny as it looks? (I understand third party support was limited...) Is it a good price point? What do I "need" to have a satisfying console experience - like memory, controllers etc? Do I need a big fancy tv for it? By this I mean a television bought in last five years. Games I'm interested in ; MK8, Smash Bros Wii U, Hyrule Warriors Vague I know but I need to think about it seriously and can't tell if I just want to impulse buy something or if this is something I want. Bear in mind: I've never been a serious gamer and always had the Nintendo console. I'm a Nintendo fan at this point and I get what it entails.
  10. Twin Peaks

    SO I've FINALLY (after buying and watching Season 1 two years or more ago) finished Twin Peaks. I need time to digest it. Has anyone else seen it all? I'm so stunned, but then have obvious opinions that need to be shared RE; Season 2 that I expect everyone has.
  11. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    QUESTION: Y'know all this 'customise characters!' stuff and all the powers you get - is that literally only for use in Smash Run? I like the idea of changing their powers and some seem cool but...you can't use these 'builds' outside of smash run? What? I've got all characters and stages now, love the roster but kinda sad that Ice Climbers are gone. Sad that I didn't even notice until yesterday, too. I got quite good with them in the past games. I think I need some of y'all friend codes to fight you guys! I've not fought anyone I know yet. I realised I'm not an expert smash player by any means despite playing this title for years. I want to blame the DS but really...it's me! I'm finding characters like Palutena and Rosalina quite hard to get to grips with, at least initially, though my appreciation is growing. I mainly wanted to know If I could customise Palutena outside of Smash Run cause she has some wicked alternate powers.
  12. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Yeah does anyone have any list of how to unlock the characters? I'm missing R.O.B and Bowser Jr and while everyone else was very easy to unlock, they didn't match what I read (in terms of how to unlock).
  13. Oh crumbs. I'll look on your site when the time is right as ever.
  14. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    There's not a lot on offer is there? Never actually looked until today but I buy games so rarely... And the points things are only for DSi and Wii? Riiiiiight. I only have 1750 points so not much I can do with that yet.
  15. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Wii Fit Trainer is inspired and I won't hear a word against her. I wish her Final Smash was more amusing though. I don't know what her B-Down does.
  16. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    You're right - I do miss an "Adventure" mode. I wasn't expecting Subspace Emissary again, but something that mixes elements of that, Smash Run and old Melee Adventure would be nice. Also IMPORTANT: What does everyone think of what they've done to Target Smash? I'm very pursed-lips about it. I loved how each stage was tailored to the character and you KNEW there was a way to get each target, you had to deduce how. Now there's no delicacy.
  17. Have the different pokemon available in each version been revealed yet? That's all I ever need to see to choose my version. I got one of them pre-ordered for my birthday (the figurine pre-order thing!) and I just have to choose on the day.
  18. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Hello all! This is my first game purchase technically since I got my 3DS back just after Xmas (though I've been playing Bravely Default on an off it's not my copy) and I've been so excited for it. I LOVE that it has the same familiar Smash feel - my instincts still *work* here. There's so much for me to still learn with new characters and I'm taking my time..basically haven't touched Shulk (looks like a beast), Robin, Mega Man etc. I've unlocked all bonus characters I think except
  19. X-Men: Days of Future Past

    The *only* bit I think they could have still done, but done differently (for my sake) was
  20. I met my new and current boyfriend on Tinder. Maybe it coming from "gay world", where these sorts of apps (and their predecessors stretching back to the very concept of 'covert relations') have been omnipresent for the last few years - Tinder is a bit of a breath of fresh air. It feels "cleaner" somehow. I like the facebook connectivity too. You have to be "yourself" as you are to most people online, not just a picture of a penis/abs/whatever. You can see mutual friends (talking point), and you can't pester or be pestered unless you 'match'. Yes, there are timewasters. I admit my friends and I played with it like a game when I was with my ex then I quickly deleted it. And yes, some will simply use it for ego boosts. But believe me, it's so much nicer than the things that have dominated the gay 'dating' app landscape last few years. This is the first 'straight' one to gain traction - be thankful! Us gays have seen it all! Grindr makes me want to tear out my eyes. That said - it's not for everyone. And looks are part of attraction. It's a fact. That said, physical attraction is...like it says, physical. I never think it's until you meet someone in real life that you know.
  21. X-Men: Days of Future Past

    The ending scene made me happy in a way that few films have ever done. I love this film.
  22. Game of Thrones

    The Wall (and associated storylines, crows, Bran etc) is still so bloody boring. Since the Red Wedding nothing about the North/Northerners has been interesting. The Wildling girl/Jon/their relationship last season was engaging but now it's so dull. All the other plotlines are cool though. Interesting to see where this season is heading. Margaery is ma reine.
  23. Forum User Photos

    Is it just me or are these the latest trendy thing to do? I've seen so many people I know SUDDENLY take part in them.
  24. Why N-Europe?

    Yesssss. Ok now I'm excited. Let me work out a date.
  25. Why N-Europe?

    Ok ok ok yes. What should we do? Do I forsee alcohol/what/food/whatwhosaidthat?