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  1. General Movie Thread

    I saw Moonrise Kingdom, Wes Anderson's latest. It's really enjoyable. Very quirky, in his unpretentious way. Recommend - one of those ones that'll put a smile on your smile/make you happy, even if it's just deep in your heart of stone. Watched half of Mirror, Mirror at the behest of my boyfriend, and fell asleep. I hate shite things. The costuming was interesting, but I bet it looked better on paper.
  2. Wear Sunscreen...

    Had the worst sunburn I've ever had, led to last few days of incredible pain on my shoulders..couldn't be touched, couldn't wear a bag. My skin had started cooking. (Literally)
  3. I still find Call My Name disappointing. Will she ever top the arte that was her first album?
  4. Happy Birthday Chairdriver
  5. DC Cinematic Universe Discussion

    I'd quite like if the DC movies stayed independant of one another. Marvel heroes (IMO) work better as a 'cross-over' thing - their universe always felt much more like a singular thing to me. DC was always a bit more disparate. And the Avengers as a team feel like they make more sense in coming together than Justice League (if thinking logically about it). Obviously I'm a DC fan, but I'd prefer to see some GOOD stand-alone series.
  6. I like that they tried to stay somewhat true to the original artwork.
  7. I'll tentatively sign-up - I've been so busy recently, so rarely have time to like sit down with a computer for a proper amount of time. But if you need me desperately I'll play and try and check in every day.
  8. Arrow (TV Show)

    I feel like DC should hurry up and make more movies rather than try (again) to conquer TV. Smallville was very successful, and I can see the logic in wanting to control TV while Marvel controls movies, but really...this show isn't exactly inspiring. It seems to be the same story/plot as Batman Begins (effectively).
  9. Arrow (TV Show)

    I predict a one season wonder.
  10. Thor: The Dark World

    I can see Enchantress being done, along with maybe a few other antagonists like Executioner (her partner anyway). They could either do something like Wrecking Crew in addition or maybe even establish the first Masters of Evil in some way. That could actually be quite stunning. Oh, and Valkyrie could be so necessary.
  11. I'm having such a Steinman moment. And Total Eclipse of the Heart is a perennial fave. Coincidentally It's All Coming... was on Glee this week. Done really blandly.
  12. The Amazing Spider-Man

    I saw The Lizard in full in action figure form yesterday at Disney Store. Hm. It might be appropriate/work well in the film though.
  13. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    Jae Lee's covers are like sculptures, really gorgeous. Check out his Wolverine covers rom last year/2010/whenever. They read like a series, like an artist in a gallery would make. A lot of variation within conformity. I *acquired* all of New Avengers (the mid-00's series) today, which I never read but felt like I should. So I will.
  14. Forum Telephone Version 2.0

    I did it already.
  15. Who's gonna talk to meonthephonetillthesuncomes up? Ignore her posture/face/prescence and the song is such a masterclass in mid-00's r'n'bprincessmusik.
  16. Random )-= I kinda fancy Vince Kidd off The Voice. He has that sliver of edge/punkemo/hipsterylondon that I like in small doses, without being really skinny or annoying to look at. His style is what mine would be if I could be bothered/could pull it off. And he looks the right side of raging homosexual. And he looks slightly stupid, with what I call evil eyes. Those eyes always spell trouble. Snake eyes. I like his voice/performances too. Felt like I should post this as I never fancy/find anyone on TV attractive beyond the neutral/objective 'they're good-looking'.
  17. Forum Telephone Version 2.0

    I will do mine, just not today/tonight as I've got a deadline to meet! Tomorrow...
  18. Rihanna

    * (Calvin Harris wrote and produced We Found Love all alone.) *
  19. The Avengers

    So great. I never expected it to be that successul a film. Unf. My friend and I were lying on the floor after the mid-credits scene. Dying. Fuck what you think all h8rs of this film, it was excellent conceived, the perfect result of all the build-up. The Thor film feels so "..." in comparison, like it's now so obvious how they struggled to make an interesting film out of his story (which they did, but not overly), and Natalie Portman's prescence in anything now just annoys me. (Except Garden State) Thor was too silly/random/hodge-podge/obviously made so they didn't have to explain him in Avengers. Or it feels that way now. It's fine and enjoyable but nothing on this. MMmmm. MAJOR SPOILERS:
  20. Comic Book Discussion Issue #2

    I bought 2 issues of the UK 'collector's edition' Marvel comics, just like the old days. Downloading is so stressful/too annoying to keep up. I'll remain 2 years behind and love it.
  21. Forum User Photos

    "I love" is perfect English, surely? Same as "I run", "I eat" etc. Just sans the "it". But you all know what I'm referring to, so
  22. Forum User Photos

    I just love. The animation itself. The fact it's a meme. I know nothing of the why or reason, I just love.