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  1. yeh but i was the winner of 2 of the best of 3 seriesand i got 1win 1 loss,

    if someone dissconnects they should get a 0-2 series loss, and the winner 2-0


    im certain ive been robbed of 2 wins to my record


    and i have 1 loss for a game i was winning with seconds to go


    oh well its only a game, but its a shame people are like this spoiling the game foor genuine players

  2. its a joke, i mean i was seconds away froma 2-0 series win, and instead i get 1 w 1 loss, what the hell is the point :(



    3rd game this top 100 guy i mean it was a very close and well fought match why would he be a d*** head and disconnect it, now i bet all he has is 1w 1loss , instead of 1w 2 loss,


    some people really have no life, and need to grow up,



    grrr :(

  3. great fun, but im sick of cheaters online , today for example


    i won the match 2-0 /3

    2nd match i won 2-0 /3but the oppnent dissconnected with 2 seconds to go, i get an error messge and i log back on i get 1 w and 1 loss for that match !!!!!



    3rd match i played was against a high ranked guy top 100

    1st game i lost 4-3 2nd game i won 2-1 3rd game i was 6-4 up with seconds to go and this guy also discconects so i get another 1 w 1 loss



    so overall today i should have 6 wins 2 loss

    but instead i have 4-w 2 loss



    how the hell is this fair :(