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  1. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Animal crossing wii is certain surely ?
  2. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Can anyone kindly give a link of all the streams , want to have some back up plans in place . Also can someone please post all the traditional e3 gifs , shiggsy in the car , the mega bombs and train ones
  3. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Can you confirm they are showing more new games ? Is it worth staying up ?
  4. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Expensive Dlc wow !
  5. Best memories of the PS4 so far

    I only have the 500g model, and they refuse to add external hard drive support and I own over 10 games , I am pretty much screwed as I have to keep deleting games. I cant have more than 4 games installed at once. Its got to the point where I am now picking xbox one versions over ps4 games as its so easy to plug in a hard drive to x1, I would pick the superior ps4 version if they sorted the issue out
  6. Splatoon

    Really hope they have ranked turf wars , and mix up the playlists at some point currently B- working my way up slowly game of the year so far.
  7. Sonic Boom Fire & Ice - Winter 2015

    RIP sega and sonic
  8. Splatoon

    Played this 10 times more than I did battlefeild . Have 4 and hardline they are good tactical shooters . But boring and the same as 99% of all shooters . Splatoon in its essence is a shooter but it's a new genre of shooter never seen before . Your really missing out on one the most fun games out there , it's not trying to be battlefield or cod it's nintnendos unique take on shooters . And if your complaining about lack of features at least the online works and is pain free Unlike battlefeild was was months !
  9. Best memories of the PS4 so far

    Best moment pes2015, a true next gen beautiful flowing football game , konami got it back to the top . Worst The awfully storage problem that still doesn't have a solution, so I keep having to delete games off hard drives
  10. Splatoon

    Your loss it's one of the best online shooters out there .
  11. Splatoon

    Thanks I have be wasting all that effort lol , least I know now
  12. Splatoon

    On turf war does painting all the walls have any effect on the scoring ? Seems that it's based on the floor rather than the nooks and crannies ?
  13. Nintendo Direct Micro

    Where is it ?
  14. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    Really ? I just assumed there would be one as Japan had one . Strange not to advertise it if there's one . Unless it's a secret pre e3 suprise Who was that man on the Japan direct ? Where was Iwata ? I hope he's ok
  15. Project Treasure

    Graphics look decent sure your watching the right video ?
  16. NINTENDO @ E3: Let the Hype juices flow

    What times the direct tonight or tomorrow ?
  17. Splatoon

    Inkredible heist, Sorry for any fans who ordered from them tho , Usually it's game robbing people not the other way round lol I bet it was some sony or Microsoft mafia , trying to spoil a big summer hit
  18. Splatoon

    Who's shopping by dpd?
  19. amiibo (NFC)

    A monkey could manage Nintendos stock situation better, they are too soft I think 99% of people would agree they have been fools . I still don't see any official gamecube adapters ? That market is ruined now for them as cheap immitations exist , and why punish people who want to buy more than 1 unit? Instead get your act together and make more its simple .
  20. amiibo (NFC)

    No shit Sherlock
  21. amiibo (NFC)

    Instead of 1 per customer why not produce more , bloody retards in charge of Nintendo , think of all the sales lost on gc adapters and amiibos
  22. Splatoon

    Nintendo stared processing my order for this and the amiibos
  23. Splatoon

    I am but I don't open them :p I would be willing to open 1 and buy an extra on this occasion
  24. Splatoon

    What I meant was if we get 3 people who buy either boy girl or squid each , We simply unlock the content then pass it on to the next person , while they send you theirs. Do full circle and eventually we all get all the content unlocked and our original Amiibo back . Save us potentially £30 each
  25. Splatoon

    Anyone fancy doing an Amiibo share? It's really sucky of Nintendo to lock so much content with the amiibos , so who would be up for loaning each other amiibos so we can unlock the content and mini games and then pass them on , I might be getting the squid or girl character Amiibo