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  1. Fire Emblem Fates

    Does anyone who ordered the special edition know how we get our free theme?
  2. Super Mario Maker

    Free to start: Add on content 25d70000021452a7 Featuring: Two alternate routes from the get go Revolutionary non-pause level restart (use normal doors) Addional routes within the same path Over five exits in total Optional red coin challenge Optional 'boss' fight Optional bonus rewards room featuring never before seen obstacles that can kill you Can you ride the hidden yoshi? Can you find the smiley face finish? Challenge: Complete with all red coins, defeating the boss, reaching the bonus room finish whilst riding yoshi. Please give it a try, I put a lot of effort into it!
  3. Super Mario Maker

    Under water reef red coins (2528-0000-0202-98E8 New level. Name says it all. Thought I'd try the new update and combine it with an under used course type. Not sure if I like it or not. Let me know what you think. On the topic of deleted courses ice had a few deleted when I replaced levels with new easier versions. But as I deleted the original versions I can't upload them back up again now which is annoying as this includes one of my favourite levels
  4. Super Mario Maker

    That's what I was thinking. I added random things then saved again, but it didn't count as separate. I even made it a new save with a different name to no avail. I'll try the deleting method though and see what happens.
  5. Super Mario Maker

    On my saved courses they have exclamation marks in the corner, and when you try and upload it responds with something like ' cannot upload as it has been previously deleted from the server.' I have uploaded an improved version of the last course I made earlier. Not sure if I'll get fully back into it, as I have a massive backlog of games that include game cube and ds games. Yet I've decided to start xenoblade x ... I'm an idiot!
  6. Super Mario Maker

    Yeah I might contact them... I meant that I can't upload the courses no matter what I do btw. Are people still making plenty of courses on this? Or moved onto other things?
  7. Super Mario Maker

    Can anyone help my situation please. So when the checkpoint update came out before,I made some of my courses easier and uploaded the improved courses up and deleted the old ones.i then didn't touch the game for a month or so until the latest update. Unfortunately it seems not many people had a go of my updated versions and Nintendo removed them from the server. Nite I can upload again no matter what I change. Is there a solution or have I wasted hours of my life creating these courses?
  8. FAST:Racing Neo

    They are the ones that took over from digitiser (called gamecentral). If you miss digitiser, that's up and running again in the form digitiser2000. Oh and I still read the metro inbox every morning and evening. Its been part of my routine for over ten years now!
  9. FAST:Racing Neo

    The people that write are from the end of the channel 4 teletext days.
  10. Nintendo Badge Arcade (eShop)

    The box boy menu icons have made my 3ds home screen look miles better!
  11. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

    Bloody hell, the challenges are tough. The time limit one you have to be pretty much on task all the time. The half hearts you need to be really cautious. The dungeons are great I just wish I could play this locally with two friends. To be a Nintendo fan.
  12. The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

    B0HJLV534L79V81Q B0HK32L924MY8PD1 If anyone needs codes
  13. Super Mario Maker Level IDs

    I have now 'patched' it with your recommendations and a few other minor adjustments. I think the start is much better now hopefully...? Well done for being the only person that is ever going to finish the original 'buggy' version. Bob-omb Down This Castle (56B2-0000-0092-3C0A) I also have another new level: Boodilicious (A82F-0000-0087-24CE) This is intentionally easier than my others...my eight year old brother could finish it with guidance after about 15 goes so that's everyone's challenge.
  14. Super Mario Maker Level IDs

    Did you get the feather once you went down the pipe after bombing through the two rooms? Maybe I should of started off giving a mushroom or fireflower at the start? I may take it down and reupload with more powerups As anyone tried my tribute to the Mario bros. Arcade game yet? I'm proud of that one
  15. Super Mario Maker Level IDs

    So I've finally got 50 stars and can upload more courses! Yoshi? Or Run? (4C46-0000-007A-8C40) In this one you can go two routes. Generally the Yoshi route is harder. There are 3 secret mushrooms to collect. A short level and my first new super Mario style course. Bob-omb Down This Castle (E075-0000-007A-8E7D) This is a Mario world castle level. It has a little story where you have to infiltrate and eventually bob-omb the place down. 3 secret 1ups of course Over Under Over Under Over..Phew (C7D3-0000-007A-96A4) This is a bit of an epic Mario 3 level.... Where you start over then go under then go over....etc. 3 secret 1ups plus extra secrets! Mario Bros. Endless Arcade Agony (007B-0000-007A-A42C) This is based on the original Mario bros coin up....with a twist...a sinister twist. Ever wondered how the enemies get into the arcade and who it is controlling them?!? Wonder no more....6 levels within 1 level plus a dark overworld! Of course there are 1ups in each of the 6 levels plus a mystery mushroom somewhere.... Also as an extra tough challenge, collect all the coins! Hope you enjoy!