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  1. look what santa got me early today

    I've got an RGB cable and it works great, much better than composite.
  2. RGB cables IN STOCK at amazon.co.uk!

    I had the Official RGB cable for my Cube (I had no idea they were so rare :S) ever since launch, and the difference was definitely noticeable. I went onto Amazon last night and ordered one, but again I had no idea that they were sold out all over the place. It's dispatching soon... lucky me I guess.
  3. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    I still can't get over the fact that Parcelforce lost/stole/burned/destroyed my Wii en-route... I was one of the first to order at Amazon and now I'll be one of the last to get one. ARGH.
  4. I could go pick it up in London tomorrow SteveBe. Sent you a Private Message. Edit: Would also give you an Xmas bonus.
  5. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    Yep, just getting a refund... pretty crap tbh. Parcelforce will ring me tomorrow to see if they can "find" it, but it's a load of rubbish.
  6. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    Well I tried with Amazon, but they wouldn't let me do that because they don't know when they're getting stock in. I "preordered" (pfft!) a Wii today with Gameplay, so if by magic (it is Xmas afterall...) they have some stock left I might get one from there. Otherwise, I'll just keep an eye on Amazon.
  7. The Highs And The Woes Of Preordering

    Well, I've had the worst experience ever. Ordered with Amazon, and dispatched Thursday evening. I don't have my Wii even now. I was told at various points over the weekend that I would be getting it, but I was told today that it has been lost. I have had Zelda since Friday, but no Wii to play it on. With the current stock shortages, I won't even be able to get one until the new year. Thanks a lot, Parcelforce, you've ruined my Christmas.