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  1. Time Crisis? House Of The Dead?

    And that's my point EXACTLY!!! Question now is... Why haven't the developers/publishers realised this?
  2. Time Crisis? House Of The Dead?

    I know that the Wiimote is not a light gun, but in essence it still manages to create the same effect and feel. This just seems so perfect to me, that I'm just so surprised that it hasn't been announced yet is all. 2 player co-op would be insane...the graphics could get a nice overhaul from the ps2 standards and...oh well, Guess I'll just have to go on dreaming....
  3. Ok I don't imagine it's just me...but surely the aforementioned titles would be perfectly suited to the Wii!! I mean come on! I thought Namco Bandai would have jumped at the chance to bring the Time Crisis series to the Wii once all had been revelealed about the system and its revolutionary Wii-mote.. The same goes for Sega...and well any company with half a brain it seems... I don't expect ports, but brand new entries into these franchises... I see nothing wrong with getting these games on a Nintendo system, and believe it could only strengthen the power and popularity the Wii name brings.. What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?