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  1. Agree Mike - that's a dog's trick if it's true. I'll be well pissed off if I've wasted my money.
  2. SSX Blur

    I'm definitely finding peak 2 a lot harder but still liking it. I think the key to enjoying this game is to savour the experience, rather than striving to complete it within a couple of weeks. The whole way the game is set up is about exploration so I'm not getting too frustrated that I'm not moving onto peak 3. There are heaps of collectables and things to unlock so I still feel like I'm making progress.
  3. I can only buy one more game before I get paid again in mid-April but I can't make my mind up between Sonic, MOH - Vanguard or Eledees. Which one would you buy, or would you buy something completely different? If so, what?
  4. Kororinpa

    Kororinpa isn't a particularly long game. If you rented it for a week you could complete it in that time and then you won't need to buy it. I really wouldn't bother buying SMB, It was okay for the drought period but there are better games starting to come out now so I'd spend your money elsewhere.
  5. Kororinpa

    Definitely get Kororinpa - the controls are much better. The whole game is just more sophisticated. The first levels are too easy but you'll need lots of skill for some of the later ones.
  6. Sonic/MOH/Eledees - which game?

    There's a new independent games shop opened up near where I work so just went down and got myself a copy of Sonic. I'll wait and see what you guys think of MOH and Eledees when they come out and then make a decision on whether to buy. Thanks for the recommendations.
  7. Sonic/MOH/Eledees - which game?

    I did wonder that, but my reasons for keeping it seemed to make sense at the time . I wanted to keep the options more open and allow for other suggestions. No-one has been very positive about Eledees so far. I think this may be a 'wait and see' one. I'm edging towards Sonic - I've always had a soft spot for him, maybe something to do with us sharing similar haircuts! My reticence about MOH is probably due to the fact that I probably like the 'idea' of WWII games more than the actual gameplay. My decision on this may well come down to the difference that the Wii controls have on the experience. I've not read much about Mortal Combat - is it coming out next month? Thirtynine - I've got SSX and agree it's a great game.
  8. Rayman Raving Rabbids

    I completed around 65% of this game but then got bored. It gets a bit samey after a while. I can't decide whether to complete it or to give it to my sister who is too skint to buy any games at the mo. As more decent Wii games are coming out I may decide on the charitable option and give it to my sis.
  9. Sonic/MOH/Eledees - which game?

    I did toy with the Godfather. However, I already played it on PS2 about six months ago so I'd really only be getting it for the Wii control system. The controls would have to be amazing though to warrant paying £30 so I more or less decided against it.
  10. SSX Blur

    Thanks for your help guys. I'm now onto Peak 2 finally, but not before a lot of swearing. Thought I was never going to get there and think I just fluked it really.
  11. SSX Blur

    Anyone got any good tips on the slalom tournament on Peak 1? I can't improve on 4th place and need to hit a much quicker time to progress. I start off fine as the first bit is quite easy but then you go over a slight bump and the flags are space further apart. It all comes undone here as my momentum means it's hard to pull back. I try tilting the remote backwards, which slows me down but often not enough and I still miss the flag. I then pile on loads of extra seconds for missed gates leaving me in fourth place. I really want to progress as the slalom event is tedious and I'd prefer to spend my time racing and doing tricks!
  12. Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None

    Another fan of point and click here. I also love anything mystery/detective-related, so I hope this comes off.
  13. SSX Blur

    As Cozm1c suggests, you definitely need to keep the remote flat in order to get the ubertricks to work. Even a slight tilt of the controller can prevent it working. I'm still on peak one but am really enjoying this game a lot. I'm taking time to learn all the tricks and improve my skill levels etc. I'm not very good at the slalom bit of the second tournament but working on my technique.
  14. Beautiful Katamari Wii?

    Really hope there's some truth in this. Katamari was the only game on PS2 I could get my other half to play, so it's perfect for a console with such a diverse reach. Katamari would work really well with the Wii controls - please let this happen.
  15. SSX Blur

    I'm really getting into this game now. The first hour I couldn't really figure out what was going on. The controls were straightforward enough (in theory anyway) but the career mode had me baffled. The second hour I'd worked out how the exploratory nature of career mode worked but I couldn't land any of the flips. The third hour I finally managed to start landing tricks and build up my score. Ubertricks mostly pass me by still but I'm sure that'll come. I'm enjoying the variety of the game - love the halfpipe games particularly as they are good for trick practising. Seems a good game but you need to put some hours in before you start to reap the rewards. I have a slight problem though. This game seems to have buggered up one of my remotes. It suddenly won't perform spins and flips, although the point and click element still works. I've switched to my other remote but does anyone know what might be going on and if it's possible to resolve it? Cheers.
  16. SSX Blur

    Yay, my game just arrived. Boo, I have to wait until I get home from work to play it.
  17. Quick request....

    I used http://www.radioblogclub.com quite a bit but then discovered finetune, which has a version that is optimised for the Wii and so looks much cleaner on the TV.
  18. SSX Blur

    I ordered mine through Amazon and it's showing as dispatching soon. Was hoping it would arrive today as the dispatch estimate was yesterday but no luck. As long as I have it for the weekend I'm happy.
  19. First Tiger Woods Hands-on

    Was toying with the Tiger Woods game, although I read it wasn't that hot (NGamer review I think). If there's another coming out in August I'll definitely hold off and make a decision further down the line.
  20. VOIP would be cool. My folks and my sister have Wiis too so it'd be great for chatting. At the moment I use Skype a bit but it's a drag as my Mac is upstairs - would be good to do this from my living room.
  21. Kororinpa

    I've got both games and had given up on SMB. However, having completed Kororinpa I was inspired to go back and play SMB. It was a really weird experience trying to control the monkey ball straight after Kororinpa. With the latter, you have far more control and can make really tiny movements whereas SMB seems more clumsy. I didn't find the fixed camera on Kororinpa to be a problem. As Gizmo says, some of the puzzles are built around that. Everything about Kororinpa is just better than SMB - the music is less annoying, the gameplay and design is more sophisticated, the controls are more intuitive and there is more skill involved.
  22. Kororinpa

    I got it on release day and got 100% completion last weekend. I played it through once pretty quickly but then realised exactly what I needed to do to get 100% and had to go back through several of them to collect the green crystals (not always in obvious places). Completing all the mirror and secret stages took up quite a bit more time - it broke my heart to have to complete stage 43 again!. When you factor in getting 25 gold medals to unlock all the bonus stages, you've got quite a game on your hands. It still doesn't take ages to complete but I'd rather that than something that takes me forever and I leaves me bored/frustrated. The bonus stages are a lot of fun and you reallly see how much you've built up your skill level throughout the course of the game.
  23. Wondering the same thing myself - haven't found anywhere yet though.
  24. Kororinpa

    My favourite ball is the candy one. It's reasonably fast, which is essential for grabbing those gold trophies but I still feel I have plenty of control over it. It's easy to use at slow speeds too. I've now completed 4 bonus stages and have done 43 of the mirror stages. It feels as though the end is in sight but I can't quite get there! Still need to complete the mirror versions of some of the secret stages and get that last gold trophy. Going away for a few days tomorrow so will be taking a break from the game (probably a good thing as I've played it every day since Friday).