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  1. Nintendo is full of lies.

    Nintendo is full of lies, or at least some of their game-journalists are. I remmeber before the launch of the Wii that there was an article here at n-europe claiming that the Wii's hardware would be like a "souped up Xbox". Riiiiiight....you could have fouled me, in which they did. I also remember another article here claiming that Metroid Prime 3 will have "the best graphics". I've seen footage of the game, and as good as it looks, calling it "the best graphics" is another flat out lie. I'm not some Xbox360/PS3 fanboy coming here to flame; in fact I own only a Wii. But im just curious, does anyone else feel decieved?
  2. Nintendo is full of lies.

    Ubisoft. Ubisoft. Ubisoft.
  3. Nintendo is full of lies.

    I'll say "wow" at this forum because I have never seen such an active one yet. It was only 2 hours ago did I create this thread and I already have 2 and a half pages of replies. Nice Anyhow, I've been convinced to be patient and keep busy with Zelda for now. I'm in Canada, I'll have Super Paper Mario in 5 weeks! :p