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  1. Actually, I always thought Metroid and Halo was a weird comparison, too. :P
  2. I'm not talking about the difficulty per sé, just the scale of it. It never impressed me at any point like the first Halo did.
  3. After finishing Halo 3's campaign mode I have to say; this discussion basically boils down to: Single Player VS Multi Player. What is played more? :P 'cause Halo 3's single player (or co-op) mode is quite laughable.
  4. Strange, I could've sworn I went through it in 3D Ã nd later on in 2D. edit: Aaaaaand I'm done. Took me 4 days, 4-5 hours of gameplay a day. There were definitely parts I loved, but some undeniable flaws make me hope the next Paper Mario game will go back to the old format.
  5. Huh? I only remember 2 mine-cart rides in that entire level... Rest assured, you don't actually have to beat 99 guards ;p Still though... very poorly executed chapter.
  6. I just finished Chapter 5 and I have to say it has grown on me exponentially. Truth is, the game was far too easy up until now. I finally feel like I've got enough to wrap my mind around as I play. Also: O'Chunks is awesome. edit: Well, Chapter 6 was a big DUD. The last part in The Underwhere didn't really save it. Lazy level-design to the max.
  7. Speaking of laughing ones ass off, the Dating Sim bit in Chapter 3 was brilliant.
  8. Is it foolish to still hope for a Mario Golf? God I loved that game.
  9. It really depends from game to game, but hey... if you want to "revolutionize" (though, I prefer to look at it as an evolution) how games are played, that takes time. Lots of trial and error, and Nintendo being who they are, I'd say the first step is hella successful. He does however raise a point, that of the blind Nintendo aficionado. Which is the negative way to look at it. I always felt that gamers who grew up with Nintendo simply have a much stronger bond with their consoles. The passion that cultivates in your heart through generations of playing with Link, Mario and the rest. It's very hard to objectively judge something/someone that you love. I'm not defending blindness, but I'm not "casting a stone" at it.
  10. Euhm... chill man. Just an opinion (early impressions, even). Trying to look at it critically, it's too easy to blindly sing its praise. But I keep coming back to it, so that has to account for something, right?
  11. I'm a few hours in right now, and I'm enjoying it. I mean, it's a Mario game, and therefor it is almost by default great... BUT! What's different now is that instead of actual turn-based battles, you have simple platforming-style elimination of foes; which results in a far more 1-dimensional game; as ironic as that may be... I mean, the old Paper Mario games had platforming elements too, but to base an entire game on that and KEEP the long cutscenes/dialogues? Feels like they just kinda screwed with the balance. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this, but I'm also glad I have it. Heh.
  12. I wasn't too keen on Harvest Moon; but I'm willing to give this a shot. Looks cozy.
  13. Who even believes that they're real brothers anyway? "Mario Mario" and "Luigi Mario"... git outta heres! They're just 2 fruits who decided to grow a moustache and dress in a similar fashion. xD
  14. I love the style and the idea behind this and Killer 7. But as much as I respect their intentions, I can't look past how 1 dimensional the gameplay is. They say graphics don't matter, but if this didn't have its style going for it... I doubt many people would even consider playing it. Though, I'm basing all that on Killer 7. It would be awesome if NMH had more in-depth gameplay.
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