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  1. Mario Strikers Charged Football

    1) 1+4 vs. 1+4 2) dunno 3) for sure
  2. Alleged New Mod Chip...

    Yes you do.
  3. New Wii Firmware version available: V2.1E

    Always been there.
  4. Wii Online

    Yes it does.
  5. Far Cry Vengence Wii

    In COD3 you can turn off Dynamic Aiming.. like this: --youtube.com/watch?v=8cJbhMRxDJk--
  6. Far Cry Vengence Wii

    It seems to work quite well in COD3
  7. One last secret . . . .

    There is not any "big" secrets anymore..
  8. Wii's got game. New Madden 07 screens!

    Maybe because Wiis Madden is better/equivalent than 360's madden.. It's all about the controls.. And Wii version controls are much greater that 360 version.
  9. One last secret - and its BIG!

    And your point is?
  10. RGB cable

    I believe it comes with composite-cable
  11. Wii Hardware Discussion

    You can see it in the pictures Part 1 = controllers and sensorbar Part 2 = Wii, Power, and composite
  12. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Does GameCubes RGB-cable work in Wii?
  13. Wii with DVD player addon

    I suppose that it's going to be something like GameCube Panasonic and very very expensive...
  14. The Specs

    Let's just wait that Nintendo confirms the specs for Wii..
  15. Why they cost so much..

    You just can not comparice X306 and Wii:s controllers together.. There are so much different technologies involved.