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  1. Whenever I look back on things I posted/emails etc it's all one big facepalm.


    e: and I'm sure in another ten years looking back at this I'll facepalm as well.

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  2. .We ended up going to a place called The Haunt which actually turned out to be pretty great. The setlist for the night was HNNNNNG. Ghostbusters theme was played, as well as Total Eclipse of the Heart. We ended up getting back to our hotel at around 4.



    Was that on saturday night?

  3. Someone told me I had the perfect body the other day - ... - it essentially comes back to 'Thanks, that's the product of genetics and hard work;


    If I did any kind of exercise whatsoever this would be my experience aswell.


    tl;dr - I look ideal...


    Though this already does apply to me ;)

  4. So I got a funny email today on my domains webmaster address.


    Subject:A query about your site n-europe.com (lol I wish)



    I was wondering if you accepted sponsored or guest content on your site? I have been looking for relevant sites to use for my client and this campaign, as well as building relationships with webmasters. The article I have available would be tailored to fit your site, and will therefore be very in line with your own content.


    Please let me know if you're interested and I'd love to send over some more information for you.


    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


    Kind Regards,


    This is to my twozzok.com domain email, how can they get it so wrong. Surely even a bot should be realising this kind of shit.

  5. That depends on what it's being used for. When I built my new rig a few months ago a close friend strongly urged me to wait until Haswell came out, but I needed a computer so I could start working and I bought a 3770K. When Haswell launched what I basically saw it do was accomplish a 10% performance improvement over Ivy-Bridge and better power-efficiency (which is useful for tablets and laptops, but not desktops).


    I'm only against it because the way customs are applied here in the Middle East make new technology obscenely expensive, even though the difference in price between a Haswell and its Ivy-Bridge equivalent isn't that big if bought in a Western country. In countries like the US or UK you'd be more tempted to buy a Haswell CPU and MB because for a little extra money you'll get your money's worth in performance boost. The exaggerated price difference over here however makes it completely out of the question.


    Ah, that makes sense. Tbh, I didn't even realise it was a new architecture. Haven't been in the game for 5+ years. I saved a fair few quid not getting the K version of the i5 because while I like the idea of OC'ing I'm not really doing much that I'd see any real improvement from it. (also anything I could buy nowadays is going to be a marked improvement on my E4600 I had previously)

  6. What box you return it with and with what receipt doesn't really matter if its within 12 months. It makes no difference to Sainbury's as they will return it for a refund as well as the item was faulty.


    It especially doesn't atter if as you say you cleaned the inside of the kettle meticulously, how are they to know it's months old not like a week (or even a few days).