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  1. Please help you rock/emo/metal fans!

    If i was a lady, i'd probably find Shavo from System of a Down hot, But i'm not, so i don't... but i would. e;fb ¬_¬
  2. 230 Volts = ?? Watts?

    if you're in England, 230-240V is about the standard for a plug socket :-/ find out what wattage the PSU is... as that'll tell us if it's getting enough power.
  3. This game truly rocks. Remember to turn up your speakers. http://www.viceland.com/se/v2n2/htdocs/game.php
  4. Trillian Problems

    My msn is tabbed :P
  5. Whats Your System Made out of ?

    With those kind of specs not surprised :P, though i think it could be a little cheaper if you built it yourself (assuming you didn't) anyways, my specs are: 3.4Ghz P4 HT-Enabled Asus P4S800D crappy XFX 5700 (only thing letting this pc down really) 512MB RAM Creative SoundBlaster 24-Bit Live! and an awesome heatsink for my CPU
  6. FreeAVIVideoConverter

    if this does as it says it does (don't have a DVD burner to test) then with some developmetn, i'm sure it could probably go quite a way. Thought of starting up a sourceforge page?

    Platty, i'm sure even Jordan probably wouldn't take it that far :-/ (though i could be wrong)
  8. Welcome all new moderators

    fake edit: can't beleive i'm the first.
  9. Welcome all new moderators

    Some i find questionable, but to the others... Well Done
  10. Why Play.com are complete bastards.

    So Pre-Orders genrally come day before/on day of release?
  11. Whats Your Favorate Band - Singer

    if it's a joke, stop using semi-FYAD humour, in a totally non-FYAD forum :/
  12. Hooray for HD

    yes big woop... if you have a big screen it does look quite fuzzy, and compared to a HD TV, pretty crappy.
  13. Recommend me a programming book

    Sams Teach yourself C++ in 21 days is cool... it'll take longer than 21 days, but it's set out in 21 chapters. It also explains stuff in a way even i ca understand (not a programmer but learning with this book )
  14. How long do you stay online a day

    Personally, on weekends i wake up around 10.00 go to bed around 3.30 in the morning, if i'm not going anywhere i spend near all of that on my intarwebs. Weekdays, i'm on my computer from when i get home (4.30'ish) 'til when i go to bed (11.30'ish)
  15. SOAD Album Leaked

    The fact the RIAA and the like don't see, is the human beings sense of ownership.
  16. SOAD Album Leaked

    Actually, after Mezmerize got leaked, they said they were going to do everything possible to not have Hypnotize leaked, so sucks to them :P
  17. What would be the best way of doing it? My hair is dark brown, and kinda long. I have a strip that hangs down in front of my face a la: i want it a la: This is for a 'eco' non-uniform ting, where we're allowed to not have uniform if we wear something green, and as i don't own anything resembling green, and i already have a strip of hair down my face, why not? So, how do i go about it?
  18. Dyeing a strip of my hair.

    Errm, actually i was laughing at you, but myeh, whatever.. got this green gel stuff in the end, didn't really work overly well, and i now realise i hate having gel in my hair >_<
  19. Dyeing a strip of my hair.

    haha @ Maverick No i'm not female. and i got some Green coloured Gel stuff in the end, pretty cool, and i get the marshey green colour which is pretty cool.and it's not even all that Gelly, so it doesn't make my hair stick ^_^ which would look stupid seeing as how long my hair is. and to the Dreads idea, i've had that idea before, but i got quite a big birthmark back right of my head where no hair grow () so it'd look a little weird.
  20. Dyeing a strip of my hair.

    or, y'know, not. :P
  21. Dyeing a strip of my hair.

    what kinda green is marsh green O_o
  22. Dyeing a strip of my hair.

    so would i have to bleach my hair or anything? E,F,B... 'ish i 'spose i could just snip it off afterwards. but with the normal dyes, would i need bleach? 9and it has to be green )
  23. EbaumsWorld

    You probably came into this thread thinking it would be praising the site. It is not. I am personally fed up with this guy. The last straw came, when he put some javascript onto every single page that loaded something from SomethingAwful, which basically made their forums slower than Xsorbit (>_<) http://www.eviltrailmix.com/ebaum <-- made by some members of the SA community
  24. Where to go on dates?

    Starbucks makes an excellent Hot Chocolate though... ^_^
  25. The Anti-LOL Campaign

    may i ask how anything apart from maybe Diets and your posts have been overly serious?