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  1. So two of my goal scorers were defenders this latest match, which is confusing.
  2. It's wierd, I have no idea wtf is going on or if certain players are actually worth whatever. It's like just jumping in blind. (gonna try and last out until you guys reset if that ever happens because starting a fresh is fucking ace)
  3. I am joined a private league that started afresh a few weeks before joining this one, it's so weird having stupidly high skill players (in comparison), yet being one of the worse teams in the league) it's a totally different playstyle that I'm still not used to.
  4. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Consider yourself challenged!
  5. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Scored 2 out of 2 chances against Haden, actually ecstatic with the performance of my team so far. Though I did get an own goal which is kinda blah. Still getting used to having a team that's been 'played' for a load of seasons. My other team is in a brand new league starting from scratch which I've been playing for a season. The jump from a 29/7 forward being one of the best players in the league to this is a big one I must say. (anyone up for a friendly, just give me a challenge)
  6. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Yay scored a goal. That's a 50% chance:goal ratio right there.
  7. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Oh my, didn't realise this was a 13.30 game. Out of interest when starting a league what are the options for game days/times?
  8. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    I think I have now sent it, unless I misclicked and have done something else.
  9. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Cheers m'dears. This might be a silly question, but what are match days in this league? Also, can DV go down? Say at the start of a season I bring one player up, if I bench him for the rest of the season will his DV go down or stay where it's at for the CR? Last time I played this game I swear DV was this mystical hidden attribute.
  10. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Can someone explain this cup thing and what I need to do for it?
  11. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Assuming friday is play day someone invite me to a friendly if you wanna play a brand new team with a manager who doesn't have a clue what any of his players are like e; also assuming that's possible this close to it.
  12. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Ok then I shall take part.
  13. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Am I eligible not having been in the last season?
  14. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    What's this alliance stuff all about?
  15. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Applied whatup. Gonna get the best names for my yoof.
  16. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    If I apply for the league, will I have to take over a team or will I get a new team?
  17. The Art of Flirting And You

    Oh hello thread from 2007?
  18. Online courses

    Could you not buy some books to learn from and build yourself a portfolio that demonstrates your capabilities in these technologies?
  19. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Lemme know when there are some openings and I might take advantage of this cheap vip deal they're doing (i think that gets you more then one private league?)
  20. Xpert Eleven Season 25: A New Hope

    Just started on a different private league for another website. 2 games into a brand new league (everyone starting from scratch). Just won 1,000,000 econ from a lottery ticket my fans bought me. Just wanted to brag a little. Carry on.
  21. good stuff thread.

    I just received a final copy of my CV I got done by Resume to Interviews. It's so much better then anything I could have come up. The CV I made for my placement year was shocking, but this, this is job worthy. (I'm actually excited to be looking for jobs now). I think my favourite part of the whole process was just how thorough the guy was. It's taken over a week and every morning I had a new draft sitting in my inbox with new questions about me and my experience. Dude didn't miss a thing
  22. bad stuff thread.

    So some vocal minority on campus has somehow made it be put to vote to ban BAE from recruiting students on campus. wtf. It's in a bill to ban some music channels from the union bars and to ban lads mags. Why the union even has the power to ban companies on campus I don't know.
  23. Introductions!

    Has to be rokhed00. (Hi, how are you?)
  24. Campaign for people to use the chat room again

    Can someone please come and rescue me from Magnus and Ville discussing amoeba's engulfing their private parts? TIA~