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  1. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    Hi there, Is there anyway I can connect a Wii to a monitor? I haven't been able to find the correct wire
  2. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

    I've just played through the first two hours and the space station intro. I can't understand the criticism of this bit that says it doesn't feel like Metroid - this bit is simply mindblowing and sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the adventure. I loved all of the interaction and the cinematics. Having just completed Bioshock, Metroid 3 actually looks better. Not in the detail, obviously, but in the sheer creativity and variety. The cinematic feel works much better and the adventure has far more depth. I am suitably impressed so far at how far this game takes the series. It isn't the minor step forward most reviews had me believe, it's a gigantic leap forward in terms of Metroid presentation. I'm staggered places like IGN have poo poo'd the first section, unbelievable.
  3. The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess

    Hey! This guy has a point, it is annoying. While I enjoy backtracking in Zelda because the levels are so well made, this save system is archaic and unnecessary. Particularly when there is a system, Ooccoo, which let's you do the same thing anyway but in a silly long-winded manner. I usually try to do each temple in one sitting too because of this - but is that a good way of creating a system? I don't think so. I have to say the snow level was initially confusing because of this. Still a great level. I would assume the save system will change when a Wii specific Zelda is made.
  4. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    In the style of Elite Beat Agents = HEEEEEELP!! I can't download the Wii Browser, I keep receiving the Error Code: 204038 saying to try again in a moment, but I've been trying for two days now! Has anyone else experienced this problem or know what it is?
  5. How's your Arm?

    No pain, no gain! If you're hurting from playing a Wii then that can only be a good thing.
  6. if you havn't pre-oredered

    The fact that Wii's are still going on Ebay for over £400 tells you exactly what is going on. Wii is the hot Christmas present of 2006 - no wonder noone can get hold of the things! Demand is rabid. Nintendo could have released twice as many and they would have the same sell out situation.
  7. Your Wow Wii Moments Thread

    Has to be the first time I switched on. Navigating menus is simple, but that's when it hit me that this thing works and it's genius.
  8. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    How long does it take for the Wii to update? It updated once, which took about 20 mins. Then it restarted and began updating again, this looks to be taking the same length of time. Argh! Hurry up. I have a large broadband connection too.
  9. First Wii Impressions

    I bought mine at Covent Garden's HMV, they had 44 pre-orders and only 17 consoles. I'm assuming a similar situation is happening up and down the country right now.
  10. First Wii Impressions

    I have the sensor bar above the TV and have had a hard time getting the pointer to feel right. I sit fairly close to the TV and slightly below it. So the pointer is always below where I'm aiming. Even in Zelda when I move it up by two points. Not a big problem. I keep getting 'Internet problem try later' with the update. Maybe it's just busy? Otherwise incredible, this is the future of gaming.
  11. Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Thread

    Not got it yet because HMV hadn't had it delivered, but I shall!
  12. European Wii Preorders

    The Amazon orders should all display dispatched throughout today. I ordered Wii Play too for the extra controller, I noticed the person above with a delivery date of 8th - 9th also ordered Wii Play. I wonder if that's what's holding it up? Hope not!
  13. European Wii Preorders

    Yeah, first class :o/ Perhaps mine is at the back of the pile. Oh well, I can only hope.
  14. European Wii Preorders

    Ooh! My Amazon Wii-order is being prepared for dispatch with a delivery estimate of 8th or 9th Dec. It had better be the 8th!! How exciting is this!
  15. Midnight Launches

    Well, there were two people waiting outside Game on Oxford Street in central London this evening. They were wrapped in silver Wii branded heat blankets. The Wii is also on display at the store... And so it begins.