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  1. Official Issues and Problems Thread

    i heard about a replacement program for the wrist straps but cant find any info... is it just an american thing or will they replace european ones two? i have two of the thinner strapped ones.
  2. Zelda: Twilight Princess Discussion (SPOILERS: BEWARE)

    while its possible tp could recount the final days of hyrule before the flood i think its more likely nintendo are going down a completely different route and setting up a whole new story in the zelda universe. i just dont think it makes sense to relate this new "mature" link to the cel shaded wind waker. i think nintendo have made it very clear wind waker was exploring the childlike side of the character and tp will be an exploration of a the mature side. in game references are possible and indeed likely, ever since oot each game tries to equate itself to the so far definitive zelda. i believe the trend will continue in tp and we will see similar areas in the game as in oot for nostalgia sake. hints about the impending watery doom of hyrule are also likely in my opinion. overall though i think there is enough material to get through in exploring a new more adult link for onerous connections to other games to be important story elements.