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  1. This isn't really a spoiler now, is it? Since they did show Snake shooting himself at the end of the E3 trailer. This was made public, which gives me a second thought that maybe Kojima is kidding with us and there's a twist that Snake doesn't actually die.
  2. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)

    Wow, call me arrogant, uneducated or whatever, but I don't recognise some of these characters like Lip or Sukapon. Just a suggestion, but wouldn't it make sense to have more of these "human" type characters instead of making suggestions of adding more pokemon or baby characters. Seriously, wtf is wrong with half of you? Baby mario? Are you freakin nuts?! And yet, y'all complain about Nintendo having a "kiddy image". I think we need more of these mature characters, in a way where it won't hinder the Smash Bros image or ruin the gameplay. We have Snake as a character. The lastest MGS game has an older snake. I wouldn't mind seeing an older version of Snake as well, with different moves/abilities. Actually, a MGS themed stage would be awesome as well.
  3. Summary of E3 (funny)

    Hahaha! *wipes eyes* Oh man, that's some good humour right there. Remember that "PS3Grill" site? I'm sure everyone's seen that. I'd post the link, but since I'm new here, it seems I'm not allowed, lol.