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  1. The Wii is a strange one for me as it was both the height and the end of my Nintendo fan boy days. It came out when I had just turned 16 and actually had some disposable income from my weekend job. Gone were the days of having to save up my pocket money for months and months at a time to buy a console, instead I strolled into Blockbusters the day it was announced and put down a deposit. The idea of the Wii was fascinating to me after having seen just what brilliant innovations Nintendo and other 3rd parties had been doing with the DS (potential I'd say it never actually lived up to) so I waited in the cold that midnight in December to pick up my pre-order. As another user mentioned, all that talk of 'what a silly name' evaporated as soon as everyone got to play it and I could barely visit a friends house that year without them asking me to bring it along. Long evenings and nights were spent drinking warm beer we'd pinched out of the shed and competing in Wii Bowling tournaments. It was the only time I can remember being a Nintendo fan and not constantly feeling like the joke console. It was selling well, had loads of games and most importantly, wasn't purple!! The downside I have with the Wii is that it came at a time when I was suddenly very very busy. Between A-levels revision, my part time job, my group of friends, partying each weekend and a girlfriend, gaming suddenly seemed a lot less important. There are so many titles that were released in the later part of the Wii's lifespan that I never actually got round to and before I knew it, university beckoned and I ended up selling everything I had in order to fund my very lazy and booze soaked lifestyle. While I didn't put 1/4 the amount of hours into playing my Wii as I did my DS or Cube, that first year of release was something really special. Sure it didn't have as solid a catalogue of games as previous generations did and maybe it diluted Nintendo's core audience a little more than I'd have liked, but the Wii was something special.
  2. Pokémon's 20th Anniversary

    I remember in year 4 and having an obscure Game Boy magazine that had a huge 10 page feature on Pokemon Red/Blue. All the screenshots were in Japanese and I don't even think at that point it had a UK release but I was smitten. I used to read that article every single day as Pokemon just sounded like the best thing ever. A time later, one of the kids in year 6 managed to get a copy when he went to America on holiday and I remember watching him play it in awe. It was if he was holding the holy grail! When I finally got the game and the anime started airing over here, Pokemon took over my life. I was full on obsessed. If I wasn't playing it or watching it, I was drawing Pokemon or designing new ones, going to Pokemon club at the local town hall with my friends or arguing over fair card trades. My best/worst time was when I came up with the idea of 'starting a new game' to get the starters, sending them to my friend but not saving so my 80+ hours wouldn't be deleted. Of course, it saves the game when you did a link cable trade which I hadn't realised and lost everything. Had to start all over again but it meant I finally got to 150 and found out the hard way that all you got was a crappy 'certificate' and not Mew!!
  3. Wii U and 3DS Gaming Bargains

    Even includes Yarn Yoshi's! Doesn't seem like two minutes ago that you'd go into GAME and they'd have a wall of Peach and Pikachu and now we're getting great deals like this!
  4. Stars Catalogue/Updates

    Pretty sure I know the answer to this but I can't register points for games I've already registered right? I've got a friend who has no interest in his and they're all just sitting in the case, only problem is he has pretty much every game I have!
  5. Pokemon on Home Consoles

    I've put about 100 hours into each main game in the series and the portability aspect has never been a selling point for me. I don't know anyone else in real life who kept playing the games after 1999/2000 and with the online trading and such now available, for me there is no real need for the series to stay portable. Sure playing on the bus is nice but no different or more essential than playing any other title on the go.
  6. Pokemon on Home Consoles

    I feel the main issue I've had with the last few gens of handheld games is that I haven't been watching the anime to put the Pokemon into context. For example, with the Kanto/Johto era, I'd be playing the games and watching the show so when new Pokemon turned up, I knew a little bit more about them and that information and imagination could transfer over into the games. I'd know that an Oddish would be wandering around the woods, all small and timid or that you might find a Slowpoke chilling out on a beach in the sunshine. When I grew tired of watching the show, I had no real way of placing the next gen's of Pokemon outside of the limited information the Pokedex would give us or based of the basic 2D/3D sprites. It always surprises me how I can go back and play G/S and it feels much more like a full and living world even compared to X/Y. Sorry if that makes no sense, it feels a little rambling. Basically I'm saying that a console version would have the power to make the world feel like Pokemon are real by giving them some depth. Imagine walking outside and seeing a flock of Spearow flying overhead and deciding to run after them. They're heading towards the woods and once you catch up with them you see they're attacking a Caterpie. You now have to decide if you want to defend the Caterpie, maybe fighting away the Spearow would make it feel attached to you and even if not, it would be already weakened making it easier to catch. Imagine using a weather pokedex app that tells you tomorrows forcast. Maybe if it's windy there is more chance of seeing Hoppip floating past in the breeze, or if it rains then there is a better chance of Poliwag's playing in the nearby lake. Maybe there can always be areas with a more fixed climate but come the winter months, I'd expect grass pokemon to become much rarer while water/ice ones would become more frequent.
  7. Splatoon

    Single player mode is essentially 25 different five minute long levels connected by a very flimsy plot. Take away the plot and it's essentially a challenge mode which in my opinion makes it a pretty poor excuse. Fair enough this is a multi player focused game but they could have done something a little more with single player. I am enjoying the heck out of the boss fights so far however. Misguided may have been a little strong so sorry if that annoyed anyone. It's great that we have a new IP and great that people seem to be enjoying it (and that it's selling well!), I mean I decided to give it a try after reading how much fun everyone here was having, I was just hoping there would be more to it. I've also just been told that we'll be getting weekly updates until August adding more content. That is good to hear but based on what's available so far, I'm just not seeing where all these gold medal, 80-90% reviews are coming from.
  8. Splatoon

    Played about five or six hours now and just can't get my head around how little content there is. The single player is virtually non existent which I'd expected so not bothered about that, however the online is basically just one mode. As well as that, there seems to be no choice in anything so I keep ending up in teams with low level players against ridiculously high ones. And that's it. That's essentially the whole game besides different weapons and hats. Considering how little content there is, it's really surprising that Nintendo has placed lots of stuff as Amiibo unlocked only. With no voice chat or being able to choose your team mates, theres no real way of having any strategy in the map, it's just fire and fire like crazy for three minutes and then repeat Am I missing something because all of this praise it seems to be getting seems somewhat misguided at the moment.
  9. amiibo (NFC)

    GAME seems to have gotten a restock of Marth and Meta Knight this weekend. Was great to see some Amiibo's actually in stock!
  10. Splatoon

    So while I am still angry with Nintendo about the Amiibo situation, it all sounded like you are having so much fun with this that I caved and purchased it yesterday. Spent a good few hours online last night, got to level 6. I suck with any gun that isn't a straight forward shooter but haven't touched single player yet so hopefully I'll get better at using other weapons in there. Any tips or advice for a newbie?
  11. Splatoon

    I've been considering getting Splatoon this weekend but the main thing stopping me is the feeling that Nintendo is shafting its fans with the release. Had they also given the option to purchase the amiibo related content separately off the e-shop then I would likely have been swayed but the idea of paying £25-35 for the game, then having to track down three figures (another £40 minimum) just to play the content that is actually on the disk seems ridiculous. While I dislike when developers offer day 1 DLC, at least there is the option to actually get it, instead of going on a wild goose chase of finding overpriced figures that they haven't produced enough of. It's a shame as it looks like a fun game that I'd probably really enjoy but I feel like this is a really poor experience from Nintendo.
  12. Bayonetta 2

    Been slowly making my way through them since I got them a few months back but really had some hours to put in over the past few days. Here are some thoughts I have about them: -Bayonetta 2 is a heck of a lot better than 1. I have no interest in going back to get the best medals so it's nice that 2 feels a little more fleshed out in each of its chapters. -What on earth kind of accent is that kid in #2 supposed to have? -#2's plot is a great deal clearer and more concise. I had no idea what was going on or where I was supposed to be in the first game but the second is much more straightforward, I'm not just going from old ruin to old ruin without a cause. -As pretty as they are, I wish there was less cutscenes and more actual gaming. Run for 30 seconds, fight for 30 seconds, cutscene for 5 minutes gets a little tedious. -I am really enjoying them but personally I can't understand why Bayonetta 2 got quite as much critical love as it did. Maybe I'm not the biggest fan of these types of games
  13. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    I agree and I don't really mind just as long as they're priced accordingly. I don't really have the time to throw at massive games any more so titles like this can be excellent, I just don't like feeling ripped off. I've got my girlfriend to play it as she'll probably like it and then at least two people will have gotten some play out of it
  14. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    Just beat my first run through. Took about 5 hours with me aiming to get as many chests and gold medals as I could and ended on 87% complete. A really enjoyable little game but I feel like Nintendo should maybe have released this as a £15-£20 budget title. I only paid £25 for it but feel somewhat short changed as at the end of the day this is a handheld game and not a very expansive one at that (I haven't turned my TV on while playing it since I first loaded it up). 7 stages with three 10 minute levels in each, with some of the most uninspired 'boss' fight's I've seen in a while. Where are the time trials, the level variation, that something extra that Canvas Curse had? Absolutely stunning however, one of the prettiest games I've ever played!
  15. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

    Does anyone else keep finding that their hand ends up accidentally resting on the far right side of the screen? Has happened a few times to me now