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  1. Wii Fit U

    What I really want to know is if Serebii made it
  2. Wii Fit U

    I started walking regularly with the My Health Coach pedometer, which was massive, then switched to Walk With Me/Personal Trainer when that came out. I remember having it set to 10000 steps and just kept going until it went green. I did keep using it for a while after the Wii Fit one came out but don't anymore. The game does have quite a few shorter courses to "complete". I've done them all at least 3 times now though
  3. Wii Fit U

    Lost track so overshot quite a bit but finally made it!
  4. 540 this morning. Gates are open if anyones about but wont be for long. Will try and reopen before 12 if I can
  5. 570 on Hypatia! Will have gates open for a bit. Loads of spare diy on beach to left of airport
  6. They were seasonal rather than alternating on the previous games weren't they? Hopefully its just a pattern like 2 ocean, 2 river, 2 bug? I'd be suprised if we don't get one eventually. Although I suppose the fact you can see what bug you're catching would mess with the scoring system they've set up. I can't see anything major transferring to switch either. Maybe some special item for having played? I like starting from scratch anyway.
  7. I just need the new stag beetle and the knifejaw now. Spent ages looking for the knifejaw yesterday and got everything but, including a tuna and a napoleon fish. Did manage to complete the gardening event at least, although I did feel a bit cheated by the cut-scene reward. I still need a couple of items from the standard fortune cookies and have managed to amass quite a stock of duplicates. Need to have a good clearout. I was trying to get a full set of themed treats by using biwa lutes to push Gulliver's shipment value up but its such a slow process. Its definitely not worth it to level up animals, I just like having one of everything.
  8. About midway through 122. Keep going Got a clownfish earlier. I assume the King Salmon should be obvious from its shadow so the knifejaw is the one Im going to have to make an effort to find. Also managed to max out my inventory so will have to start making more effort with Gulliver.
  9. I've had one each of crawfish, surgeonfish and pearl oyster so far, although I havent actually looked that hard for them. I had all but the last batch of animals maxed out so I've not been bothering much with requests, and I'm struggling to get back into it now they've raised the level cap. I've found the way they're locking content into fortune cookies pretty offputting too. How are you getting on with the latest set of dappledots? The appearence rate seems really low, and I'm hardly catching any of the ones that do show up.
  10. Splatoon 2

    I can't play for long but can make up the numbers until everyone else is ready?
  11. Splatoon 2

    Just got mine too, so that's me done. Thanks for the games everyone!
  12. Splatoon 2

    I'm V
  13. Splatoon 2

    I'm team no-pulp if you just need one more, although I can't promise I'll be much help
  14. Pokémon Go! (Android/iOS)

    You can only trade from close proximity but you can make friends and send gifts from any distance.
  15. You get the cutscene when you've completed all the collection challenges. The event finishes at 6am on Saturday. What do you still need? I've finished too so can help you out.