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  1. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    Thanks! We are from Canada but living in the UK temporarily. While it is possible to order AC adapters from the north american nintendo store, I found nothing available from the Nintendo UK store. I ended up purchasing a 300 V power converter from Maplins, which is now doing the job nicely. If there are any Nintendo employee lurkers out there, your way of doing business SUCKS!!! You're lucky that I go out of my way for the sake of my children otherwise I would return your game and never do business with your company again. It is ridiculous that: 1) You have region specific games/consoles. People travel, move, etc. What are you afraid of???? 2) AC adapters that convert 110/220 are not provided. Every mobile phone comes with one!! 3) I cannot purchase a new adapter if needed anywhere from Nintendo. To @DVS you never know, but it could appear someone looking for a trade anytime.. Though, check ebay as soon I guess it will appear third party adapters, or check with Nintendo's website in your country, they may have or will have soon the adapters available. And if you cant wait, check ebay for some adapter with voltage transformer. Btw.. You should need just one (console), cause the gamepad can be charged via usb from console (or a computer if you have) Good luck!
  2. Wii U AC Adapter/Gamepad AC Adapter

    I am also looking for the UK Wii U power adapters (Console and Game Pad) and have the North American adapters (never used). If anyone has any ideas where to get the UK adapters or perhaps someone is looking to trade UK adapters for the North America adapters I'd be happy to do so.