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  1. The Official Wii Price Thread.

    Imagine you lived in Mexico. £236 for the Wii. http://www.kotaku.com/gaming/wii/wii...ico-201513.php Now, quit your crying.
  2. Super Mario Galaxy

    Here are a few HD videos of Super Mario Galaxy, looks brilliant. http://www.gametrailers.com/gamepage.php?fs=1&id=2660 Scroll down to the videos with the HD at the end. Worth watching all of them. Sorry if these have already been posted.
  3. What games are on the release line-up? Ive seen the JPN and US ones but havent heard anything for Europe. Anyone fill me in?
  4. The Official Wii Fund Tracking Thread

    Wii Fund: £500 Target: whatever
  5. European Wii Preorders

    Xtra-Vision have been taking preorders for quite a while, got my 360 there on release day and they seem v.reliable.
  6. European Wii software lineup

    Cheers guys! One other thing. Has there been official specs released yet? Seems strange they are keeping these under wraps for so long.
  7. Importing a Wii

    I would import only that i have a ton of gamecube games i want to play and there has been no official word on wether my PAL games will run an NTSC Wii.
  8. European Event- General Chat

    But the Japanese dont get Wii Sports included my friend.
  9. European Event- General Chat

  10. European Event- General Chat

    I loved it to.. "Heyyyyyyyyyyy, Mr Rossi what ya want!"
  11. European Event- General Chat

    Librarian, love the Mr.Rossi avatar!
  12. European Event- General Chat

  13. European Event- General Chat

    I can smell sausage rolls but thats just wafting in from the canteen.
  14. So who is actually getting a Wii?

    What has you being content with your 360 and playing less games got do with the taking the truth on board? What are you actually trying to say? *sounds like you need a straight jacket and a few rolls of rubber wallpaper to me!*
  15. European Event- General Chat

    Try living in Northern Ireland! We are racist and bigots. Its mad.
  16. European Event- General Chat

    I have to work. 2 hour drive.
  17. So who is actually getting a Wii?

    That doesnt mean you have to. If i jump off a cliff, would you do it?
  18. European Event- General Chat

    Woken up early for no reason. Im up at 5am everyday mate, count yourself lucky.
  19. European Event- General Chat

    11 in mainland Europe is 12 here though, isnt it?
  20. So who is actually getting a Wii?

    ZeldaFreak, there is going to be alot of stories coming in in the next few hours and alot of people about. If you want to annoy/wind up people then take yourself off mate. Your talking complete rubbish just for the sake of it.
  21. European Event- General Chat

    Couldnt care what colour it is.
  22. European Event- General Chat

    Is it a 10am or 12pm?
  23. European Event- General Chat

    Nintendo are not going to finish on a downer guys, wise up!
  24. In a prerendered cut scene true! In a realtime cutscene, untrue.
  25. I still reckon Nov.24th. Just you see!