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  1. Yeah, I still have 7 or 8 games I've not finished which is pretty rare for me as I normall buy and complete them sequentially with no overlap. I even have a couple I've not even started at all. I think it's probably down to them being smaller titles, such as e-Shop games or PC ones that I have to be in the mood for.


    I was so tempted to sell my 3DS last year but the annoucement of this game is what made me hold on to. This is Nintendo's chance to undo some recent damage in my eyes and I want to give them that chance because we've had good run for a long time before it all went downhill. And from everything I know about it, I think this could be the apology I've been waiting for.


    Do you know if there are any pre-orders deals like the Gamestop Art book they did in the US? I've current got it on order with ShopTo but it's just the game right only and I've not heard anything about the artbook but then I've been staying away from FE:A related articles and forums.