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  1. Pokémon Black & White

    I havent played Pokemon Black for over 5 months...I lost the cartridge, and couldnt find it I was on the 8th Gym, collected lots of pokemon & items etc. at one point I wanted to get a new one but instead im hoping for info on a new 6th Gen pokemon 3DS adventure!
  2. 3DS eShop Thread

    LOZ-FS is as expected, but cant wait to play multiplayer with 3 of my mates tomorrow. aside from FS I've never played SML2, so this is going to be an insta-download for me! anyone else going to get SML2?
  3. 3DS Console Discussion

    I think that both SM3DL & LOZ-SS will sell really well they're instant sellers, however if the big N starts advertising soon, they will sell even better, there could be some X-mas stock shortages on the way, especially for SS. all I know is that my sis is going to buy SS, my bros are going to get sonic generations & maybe MW3, that leaves me with SM3DL & Abyss. so it looks like im sorted... until Q1 2012, where we will probably see Luigi's Mansion 2 & Uprising. Games Galore!
  4. 3DS Console Discussion

    Game were seriously wrong, FIFA 12 3DS, has no online mode, although from what I've read it's a lot better than PES 2011. Hopefully FIFA 13 will make up for it. football aside, I just noticed that Super Mario 3D Land, Tales of the Abyss, Sonic Generations & Mario Kart 7 are all being released in the space of 3 wks. (EU)
  5. Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3

    This game looks really interesting. nice trailer!
  6. 3DS eShop Thread

    Just about to mention that myself, but nonetheless an awesome eshop update, Thursday can't come soon enough! I might be able to play Zelda4S, with some mates! Also there's escapeVektor: Chapter 1 for WiiWare (500 pt)
  7. Starfox 64 3D

    I want this but I just cant go over the line and buy it. somethings stopping me, maybe its the price.
  8. 3DS Console Discussion

    woah, day before? i think that only ever happened to me once and that was TvsC sweet!
  9. 3DS Console Discussion

    I've known them but never used them. will try them soon ty! btw how are they with launch day delivery?
  10. 3DS eShop Thread

    eshop needs at least 2 VC games every week, more videos, demos & most importantly more 3DS-DS: Rolling western, Mutant mudds, Mighty Switch force etc. the different eshops differ too much its almost illegal, I mean the EU eshop is like a baron wasteland compared to the JP service. in all fairness, the JP eshop videos are there because its in the same region and same language, but what I have seen it has much more software.
  11. 3DS Console Discussion

    Damn, well I haven't used game that much at all, normally it was play, but personally they went downhill, now its pretty much Amazon, in terms of receiving your order on launch and for a better price than most other sites/stores.
  12. 3DS Console Discussion

    I was looking up Fifa 12 for 3DS, and found something very interesting. earlier EA had stated that the 3DS version of Fifa 12 will not include online play. and yet on 'Game' they say the opposite in the product details. I cant post the link because I havent made 15 posts or more. so go to game's uk website search for Fifa 12 3DS, and look under product details. but this is what game have stated nonetheless: Head-to-Head Online - Play head-to-head online against a friend in authentic 11 versus 11 matches or 5 versus 5 street games using Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. so I want to know if i've missed something recently or 'Game' has made a mistake, or they're just lying.
  13. 3DS eShop Thread

    thank you for the advice, and the welcome!
  14. Tetris 3DS

    I had tetris DS, loved it, i might get this one too! but like you said welsh_gamer, when the price drops.
  15. 3DS eShop Thread

    I've wanted MvsDK:MMA, Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Milky Way & Go Go Kokopolo...but I dont want to get all of them, ive only got enough for 2, any advice on which 2 you think it should be?
  16. 3DS eShop Thread

    thanks for the heads up. I dont know why I thought of this now but theres no benefit to using the eshop card over a credit/debit card is there? i mean its prepaid, so you pay £15 for a £15 card? (unless im mistaken) the entire time i thought it was points even though it had a '£' symbol on it... damn
  17. 3DS eShop Thread

    after the ambassador games, theres not been much else on the e-shop. but still I cant find the e-shop cards (£) online, stores etc. cant find them at all! *EDIT* apparently theyre available in sainsburys, ASDA & Tesco, but i still havent seen them...
  18. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

    im definitely interested, although there are other games that i want (MK7, SM3DL, MH3G, MH4!!!!!!!!!!, FE!!!!!!,Mario Tennis etc) the more variety the better!
  19. 3DS Console Codes

    added! now, I've finally registered everyone. so just add me back!
  20. 3DS Console Codes

    my mistake, I actually added 'Dcubed' but i've added you aswell. Aneres111246-8695-6105 Caris: 1891-1148-2321 Cube: 5198-2395-9664 Daftada: 2793-0578-5004 david.dakota: 0301-9769-1079 Jamba: 2535-3599-2217 LukeLee: 4210-3972-0216 ReZourceman: 1719-3161-1404 Strange Cookie: 3179-6048-7944 The Bard: 4983-4911-1924 Calv: 2191-7625-1977 KKOB: 1805-2155-6985 NEW CODE Debug Mode: 0430-8259-3046 Ike: 2750-1083-4951 ShavenWolf: 0559-6750-4855 not so tiny: 2793-0579-5347 dr4hkon: 1977-0147-1525 NEW CODE Eddage: 3737-9510-2327 Lindsey: 0387 8767 5076 /nando/: 1075-0711-9891 Ashley: 4253-3462-1472 added, please add me back, i will also send PM's ty.
  21. 3DS Console Codes

    I've added you, and i'll PM you for a game! or vice versa. :wink:
  22. 3DS Console Codes

    Hello people, nice to be a forum member! I've added the 3DS Friend Codes of; ShadowV7, Mokong X-C, D_prOdigy, dazzybee, PeeJ, Kav82, Eenuh, S.C.G, mr-paul & Fused_King. I'll add as many more as I can later today, I will also PM you guys too, in the meantime add me back please! im hoping to have some fun online games with you, be it SSF4, bomberman or future titles like Mario Kart 7. when my Wii comes back I'll trade FC's for SSBB, Goldeneye 007, MKWii & Black Ops. cant remember the rest. My 3DS FC is: 0903-2725-1475 The name on my 3DS FC is: M.A [i've just sent a PM to those that I have mentioned above.]