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  1. Let's talk about this place.

    If someone quotes your news story telling you useless information about why they didn't post it but yet felt the need to tell you they already knew that because, of course their arrogance, position on the internet and their Mensa sized head wouldn't allow it to go unnoticed. They are afterall the foremost knowledgeable person on the subject in the world. Their words, not mine. But don't reply with "Tell someone who cares.", literally that's all I wrote, because you'll get an infraction for insulting them. Especially when that said member probably reported you for it. Sad! Sad little man! Oh and a ban from the thread because they do practically own the franchise don't you know and I should know better than be in there. I haven't mentioned any names.
  2. Splatoon

    Yep. Didn't realise it was like that but meh. Servers have crashed a couple of times on me so far. Right at the results on one of them.
  3. Splatoon

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  4. Splatoon

    Don't forget Splatfest starts at 6p.m. this evening. So in less than 10 minutes.
  5. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. (Wii)

    Aren't the same people in charge back then, still in control now? They are and some of what was said in that video comes as no surprise to me.
  6. Project H.A.M.M.E.R. (Wii)

    Ya read about that earlier. The game never looked that great from the outset.
  7. Splatoon

    I'm also despising the controls more and more as well. It's like trying to steer a front loaded shopping trolley.
  8. I don't think you meant NX. I don't believe there'll be a hybrid. Nintendo won't put all their eggs in one platform. That rubbish they spouted about supporting the Wii U and the 3DS after the NX launches is exactly that, rubbish. There'll be 2 systems. They'll share the same OS, cross platform play will be possible, maybe improving how a game is played on the home console similar to how the New 3DS improves things over the regular 3DS. You'll be able to design armour(Monster Hunter) or design furniture or a village, receive mail, updates(Animal Crossing) while on the go and send it back to the home console or to a cloud service. If the next home console doesn't at least match the PS4, I'm probably going to leave it because they're obviously still not listening and 3rd parties won't want to know about it. They should be changing their attitudes now about certain things not just waiting for the NX to launch to turn a new leaf. Improve online, put in voice chat. Show people now, not next year when it launches. Start convincing people now. And if Nintendo launch a paid online service, oh boy, good luck with that after their track record. This is all on Nintendo's shoulders. Things didn't have to be like this but years of bad management has brought them to this point and it's a mountain they have to climb.
  9. Splatoon

    I f*cking detest the bunny rabbits in this game.
  10. What happens when your console fails because of a tablet? Why you make 2 tablets for the sequel of course. But this time make the second tablet more powerful. What a lethal combination that'd be and one hell of a trip to your grave. +
  11. amiibo (NFC)

    That's probably what would happen if SEGA ever make them.
  12. It comes with a... ...because it'll leave you deflated. Edit: That's of course if some of those awful rumours about the NX are true.
  13. Super Smash Bros. 3DS / Wii U

    Cut content from Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. Coming from Source Gaming... Rock Pikmin were planned but ultimately put on hold. It’s unknown if development had begun on these Pikmin, but they likely would have been added had there been more time. Rock Pikmin would have been heavy with short reach but high attack power. Co-op play was planned for Smash Run, but the 3DS’s processor was unable to display multiple fighters on the same screen, so the mode was dropped. Co-op power-ups for Smash Run were also scrapped alongside co-op play. Sakurai initially considered including four versions of each Special. One slide displays Mario launching a double fireball, a feature not present in the retail version. He also considered adding special rules to 4-on-4 Team Battles, similar to the multiplayer mode in Kid Icarus: Uprising, Light vs. Dark, but no such features were implemented. Mii Fighters’ Specials were originally going to be included as in-game rewards (much like other characters’ Custom Specials), but they ended up as default content. http://www.sourcegaming.info/2015/07/03/cutsmash4/
  14. Wii U General Discussion

    Nintendo is Over the Wii U - GT Time (7/2/2015) 25:05 - 43:40.
  15. Super Mario Maker

    See how a couple of Super Mario Makers created the #SuperMario30 mural in London! https://instagram.com/p/4rTnLwzLTr/?taken-by=nintendouk
  16. Splatoon

    You must have JavaScript enabled on your device to view Miiverse posts that have been embedded in a website. View post in Miiverse It was a nightmare again getting from C+ to B-. Another couple of hours at least, it could easily be four hours. Must check the Daily Log and I got it on the second last game before the changeover.
  17. Wii U General Discussion

    It changes to Splat zones.
  18. Wii U General Discussion

    A shooter every alternating 4 hours.
  19. Splatoon

    Splatoon - Weapon Analysis: Splat Charger (Wii U) Splatoon - Weapon Analysis: Blaster (Wii U) Splatoon - Weapon Analysis: .52 Gal (Wii U) Splatoon - Weapon Analysis: Splattershot Jr. (Wii U)
  20. Pokken Tournament (Wii U Spring 2016)

    Bandai Namco held a stream for Pokken Tournament earlier today. In about two weeks, another broadcast will be held. We can expect the next Pokken Tournament stream at the following times on July 16: – 2 AM PT – 3:30 AM PT – 5 AM ET – 7:30 AM PT – 10 AM in the UK – 12:30 PM in the UK – 11 AM in Europe – 1:30 PM in Europe
  21. I remember Miyamoto ta'king about playing console games without a TV years and years ago. Back around the time of the Gamecube. Can I find that article? I'll see.
  22. Wii U General Discussion

    I understand what you mean even though I'm not a big fan of steak. That's not a euphemism, I really don't care for steak.
  23. Pokken Tournament (Wii U Spring 2016)

    Shouldn't really be posting this but whatever. Weavile, Charizard revealed for Pokken Tournament Pokkén Tournament - Weavile Revealed! Pokkén Tournament - Charizard Revealed!
  24. Wii U General Discussion

    Overall, I'd probably pick Black Ops II as well if it had a stronger online community though that's not the games fault. Splatoon is great fun and hugely different from other games but there's a lot of frustration with it too.
  25. Wii U General Discussion

    Very good. I was hoping someone would recognise the reference.