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Revenge of the Great NE Quiz!

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It's been almost a year since the last one, so I thought it was about time it was ressurected. For those unfamiliar with this, uh, it's a quiz. Digest these rules, mortal!




The Rules


- The poster posts 10 questions that you lot will have to try and answer.

One correct answer per person per round, please. That means more people can get involved. If your guess is incorrect, you can have another go.


- If there are still answers remaining after 24 hours, anyone can answer regardless if they've already got one right or not.


- Post your answer in this thread. First person to answer each question correctly gets the point. Use any means necessary to find the answer, Google/Wikipedia is acceptable.


- Accessible questions, please. No "what is my mom's favourite food". They also don't have to be proper questions if you wish, you can post soundclips and get people to guess what game their from, or post an image where people have to guess what movie it's from. Use your imagination.


- A different poster will do the questions for each round, starting with me. PM me or post in this thread if you wish to do the questions for a future round - the next one will start after all 10 questions have been correctly answered. It doesn't take long to think of questions, and usually they're all answered within a few hours, so you only need a few spare moments to verify each one.


- I shall keep the scoreboard on this first post, and update after each round with the scores.




Anyway, let's get started.


Round 1:


1) What are the names of the 3 playable races in Starcraft? - Dan Dare used his knowledge of awesome RTS games to answer this correctly. It is indeed Starcraft.


2) Who was the British prime minister from 1976-1979? - Noodleman got it, it was James Callaghan


3) Which airport has the code DTW? - Shino used the power of Google to find out that it is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport


4) Which public holiday was celebrated in the UK for the first time in 1978? - Twilight_Link got it, it was May Day.


5) Who said in 1995, "Well there were 3 of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded"? - conzer16 got it, woohoo. It was Princess Diana.


6) How many Mario Kart games have been made? Also name them. - Jordan did a sly ninja edit to get the correct answer, don't forget about GP.


7) Name the song and the artist. - Ninja Mullet got it, it is Bob Marley - Jammin'


8) Name the TV show. - Rokhed00 used his knowledge of great daytime television shows to get this, it is Quincy.


9) Name the wrestler. - Should've known CVD would get this, it is indeed Randy Orton.


10) Name the movie. - EchoDesiato got it. Con Air is the movie.




The Leaderboard, after Round 14:


Ninja Mullet - 16

Twilight_Link - 15

Noodleman - 14

dabookerman - 12

Shino - 11

gmac - 9

Meik - 9

EchoDesiato - 7

ViPeR - 6

weeyellowbloke - 6

Katie - 6

Rokhed00 - 6

Aimless - 5

Conzer16 - 5

Monopolyman - 5

Tom - 5

Platty - 4

Cubechris - 4

Mario114 - 4

Moria - 3

Dan Dare - 3

Jordan - 3

Cube - 3

Caris - 2

Fierce_Link - 2

Zell - 2

The3rdChildren - 2

The Fish - 2

McMad - 2

Kaeporagaebora - 2

Moogleviper - 2

Arragaun - 2

mario_jr - 2

CVD - 1

Ashley - 1


welsh_gamer - 1

Enigma - 1

spirited away - 1

gaggle64 - 1




Quizmasters, PM/post in this thread to be added. Bold round is the current one.


Round 1: Meik

Round 2: Jordan

Round 3: Monopolyman

Round 4: Ashley

Round 5: Dabookerman

Round 6: Noodleman

Round 7: Dan_Dare

Round 8: ViPeR

Round 9: Zell

Round 10: Meik

Round 11: The Villan

Round 12: The fish

Round 13: Katie

Round 14: Moria

Round 15: gmac

Round 16: Noodleman

Round 17: The Villan

Round 18: Ninja Mullet

Round 19: Mario114

Round 20: Gaggle64

Round 21: The Fish

Round 22: Meik

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No 6 -

Super Mario Kart

Mario Kart 64

Mario Kart Super Circut

Mario Kart Double Dash!!

Mario Kart DS

Mario Kart GP


There have been 6!

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4 - May bank holiday (first Monday in May in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, last Monday for Scotland)

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Well, using my amazing knowledge with no help from google what-so-ever ¬_¬, #4 is Mayday.


And I would also like to volunteer to be the quizmaster for a round.



Edit: Oh, you bitch, TL

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Oi, when I watched Quincy it was primetime material.


Updated the first post with leaderboard and added Jordan and Monopolyman as future quizmasters. Jordan, you're up. Just post your questions in here when you're ready.

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1) Name all the games in the Command and Conquer series (including unreleased and expansion packs) - I'll give you it Shino. You got more than I did actually :)


2) The Wii is the latest console from Nintendo, but how many including the Wii have they made? Also, name them. (Ones released in Europe only) - Correct ViPeR!


3) What is the length of the M62 motorway? (in miles) - Meik got it with 105 miles


4) On what exact date (day, month, year) did World War II start? - Yes, dabookerman is right with his date!


5) If you add the number of series of 24 and the number of the series of the Simpsons, what would be the answer? - Ash is right, he included the current series now showing in the US!


6) What movie is this from? - Yes, i forgot to change the filename. Monopoly man is right.


7) On which days does Divali fall? (possibly a toughy) - 100% correct! nice one Rokhed!


8) What was the release date of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? (in Europe) - Correct Twilight Link!


9) In what town is the "Magic Roundabout" situated? - correct weeyellowbloke!


10) How many times did 'The Beatles' get to number 1 in the English top 40 singles charts? - 27 Moria!


The Leaderboard:


Shino - 2

Twilight_Link - 2

Rokhed00 - 2

Conzer16 - 1

Dan Dare - 1

Jordan - 1

Noodleman - 1

Ninja Mullet - 1

CVD - 1

EchoDesiato - 1

ViPeR - 1

Meik - 1

Dabookerman - 1

Monopolyman - 1

weeyellowbloke - 1

Moria - 1

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3) 105 miles


Also Booker you're only allowed one answer per round. Y'know, the bit in bold red at the top.

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5) If you add the number of series of 24 and the number of the series of the Simpsons, what would be the answer?


Number of aired seasons of 24 = 5

Number of aired seasons in America = 18 (2 episodes in)

Thus 23.


You realise the URL for question number six gave it away right?

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