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Photoshop this #2.....Sarka


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Welcome to week two of Photoshop this, last week we had some great entries, and the current standings are as follows:


1st - Redshell - 64 points

2nd - The3rdChildren - 33 points

3rd - substeinar - 10 points

4th - Broadwayrock - 6 points

5th - Dabookerman - 5 points

6th - Shino - 4 points

7th - Meik - 3 points//DiemetriX - 3 points

8th - rohed00 - 2 points

9th - gaggle64 - 1 points


Every week I will be pulling out a random image from the 'user gallery' and placing it in here to sample the delights of Photoshop! So post new ones!


If you would prefer not to be 'shopped then just tell me via PM.

The game is simple, you take the provided photo, make changes for comedy purposes, and on Tuesday the entries will stop, and the voting will begin.


So every Thursday a new picture, then you have untill Tuesday to submit your entries (6PM GMT), and then you vote for your top three (by username) in order with number one being the greatest, then when Thursday rolls round, the tally will be totalled and carried on to the next thread, where a new photo will be 'shopped.

You don't have to use Photoshop, any image software is fine.


You can choose more than one picture by the same user if you wish.

The scoring goes like this:

1st - 5points

2nd - 3points

3rd - 1point


This week, after much trawling through the Image Gallery Archive, we have a Revo-Europe Mod , Sarka:



Photoshop this...

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