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Phantasy Star Universe.


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I absolutely loved the DC and GC version.Spent over 700 hours on 2 characters alone for the GC version on just Episode 1 & 2 and what an experience it was,loved it especially online,and i'm going back online with it again now.I can go on how much I love it.PSU looks really good.I might get it for the PS2 and buy a modem for it just for this game.I'm really hoping SEGA will announce it for the Wii though.

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I was looking forward to it, but I was disapointed to read though that the Xbox 360 version of the game won't be sharing the same servers as the PC and Playstation 2 versions. I've also read that they are seperating the Japanese players from the american and EU players in PSU.There was an interview with the producer though and he said it might change.


I'm still going to buy the game but this title was like my number one title I was looking forward to this year now I'm only half interested.


BTW if anyones intereted, Sonitv team recently ran a beta test of the game and people posted video's of their gameplay on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search=phantasy+star+universe&search_type=search_videos


Theres loads of stuff at PSOworld aswell.

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No video's for the 360 yet bcause they where all from the PSU beta they did on PC the 360 won't look any different though. I think theres some video's due to be posted soon at gamespot and ign. The boxart has been shown however:


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Is it true pc and ps2 players can meet each other, but 360 players will only be able to met with other 360 players?


A couple of weeks ago PSOworld.com put up an interview with the producer of the game and he kind of confirmed it but said that it could change. I think it sucks if they separate 360 players from PC and ps2 players.


Another thing they confirmed in the interview was that the Japanese servers will be separate from everyone else. You can read the interview here:



There's no word of the pricing yet of the monthly fee or even if it will have a monthly fee (but I'm pretty certain it will have one)


Although they are calling it a MMORPG I don’t think it is because there isnt nothing really ‘massive’ about the game compared to WoW of FFXI. Its just bigger (a lot bigger)then Phantasy star online was really. Theres a descprion at the official site for the game: http://www.sega.com/games/game_temp.php?game=psu


The cool thing about PSU though is now theres a offline RPG which is sepereate to your online game. It has a main character and story. they claim will take 40 hours to play through it. Online though is going to be like Phantasy star online, where you pick a character, choose what it looks like and team up with people online to killing monsters and leveling up. They have vehicles this time too.


EDIT- PSOworld just put up some video's they took at E3 on the front page. They should give a good impression of what the online and offline modes will be like. Online looked great in the first video.


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I have heard that the 360 version isnt coming out til early next year while the PS2 and PC versions are comin Sept time. Has anyone else heard this? If its true I may have to get the PS2 version. Also has voice chat been confirmed for the online play or is it old skool with the keyboards?

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