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Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Spoilers Topic)


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I agree with you about the updates! I don't really see why we are getting cutscenes that we'd all like to wait and see during the adventure mode!

I'd prefer the basic charater, weapons, stages, moves, music (the things you see right from the start) info, which is how these updates started off, than these slight spoiler videos!


It's just the beginning of the game for the moment. I just hope they don't go too far with them. The two first ones were shown to introduce the mode, basic storyline plot and bosses. I guess this one is a way to introduce the first scrolling level (the angel land one we can see in the first sub-space emissary screens) which will be the subject of a coming update.


From now, we can guess the beginning of Sub-space:

1- Mario vs Kirby fight

2- Mario/Kirby/Peach or Zelda vs a bunch of primids

3- Kirby vs Petey Piranah

4- Pit in Angel land

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Diddy Kong: Special Moves


For some reason, Diddy has a weapon made of wood. Is that jungle technology?


Standard Special Move: Peanut Popgun



It’s a peanut shooter!


This is Diddy’s projectile weapon. You can boost the speed of your shots by holding down the button...




But if you hold it down too long, the gun explodes, so be careful.


Also, if the shell breaks and a peanut pops out, you can apparently eat the peanut.




You recover a little damage when you eat it. Is this for real?


Up Special Move: Rocketbarrel Boost




It’s a double-barrelled jet engine!


If you charge this up before using it, your jump power increases. And if you tilt the Control Stick left or right while charging it up...




...you can even curve your flight path!


If you get attacked while riding your Rocketbarrel Boost, you’ll lose your barrels...and they can sometimes go flying away on their own.




Danger! Danger!



Predictable special moves for Diddy, then, but pretty cool, nonetheless. Seems like his gun is a bit like Samus', and his up-B is like Fox's.

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Woohoo! Jungle tech FTW!



*Ahem* Pretty neat update. Gotta love the fact that Diddy has some really original moves.


Peanuts are edible!:heh: I wonder if we'll get toasty peanuts when the gun explodes.


RocketBarrel Boost is awesome. It looks like it controls like Ness's Up B-Move, but way more useful and practical. I wonder if you can let go of the barrels naturally...


EDIT: He has an orange grenade?:o Awesome.

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Everybody in DK64 can use the orange grenades. Bouncing explosives are made of pure win.


Ok. Now I officially want those oranges to make it to Brawl. Maybe as normal items.


I hope Diddy can do his cartwheels (and extended jump from cartwheel) from the DKC series. Would be a nippy blighter if so.


Most likely is shield roll. Maybe you can now jump in the middle of a roll? That would be cool.


I have a feeling his final smash would be an electrical guitar


How did I forget that? It most likely will be.

DK with the drums, Diddy with the guitar... We just need a vocalist and we're all set.:grin:

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I have a feeling his final smash would be an electrical guitar


Too similar to the DK one. I think of an animal buddies related final smash. Or maybe his forward+B will be Rambi in a similar way to Wario's chopper.


For the cartwheel, it will most likely be his A attack while running.

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I think Diddy's exploding gun shows that blaster weapons have been limited in Brawl to take away some of their advantage.

With Fox in Melee you could just constantly fire off long range shots, but try it in Brawl and I reckon (like Diddy) his blaster will malfunction!


I really like the extra details they are putting into Brawl, such as the Boost Barrel actually detaching upon taking a hit and flying off on there own (instead of just them just dissapearing to show the moves been cancelled out)!!

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Meta Knight









It's Meta Knight, whose introduction was delayed for some reason. He's Kirby's...rival?

Despite being almost all head, his mask and cape exude coolness. He overwhelms enemies with his mach-speed sword!



metaknight_070905a.jpg metaknight_070905b.jpg metaknight_070905c.jpg metaknight_070905d.jpg



Man, even Sakurai acknowledges the delay in Meta Knight's profile. I bet he delayed him just so he could use that joke.

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