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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption


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hum, im on two minds over back tracking. on one hand, it was always so annoying to cross an eniter plannet to continue the game, but then it was also really satisfying to finaly reach the mysterious out of reach area.


and i hope this dosent make 100% scans/items an impossible goal.


just a little question, any one else think that somthign similar to the hint system finding upgrades would be a good idea? i know itr takes some of the exploration out of it, but i dont enjoy combing through the whole planet to try and find a missle upgrade.

i actulay like the hint system. purists spit blood at me for saying it but i thought it was good, it usualy only cropped up when youd been lost for ages and wernt enjoying yourself. prime 2 only sent me like 2 or 3 hints that i needed.

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