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Motion Sensor Also in Nunchuck Attachement?


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AMN is reporting that the rumors of the Revmote’s nunchuck attachment having some sort of motion sensing aspect involved are indeed true. They say that they have talked to a “developer incredibly close to Nintendo†who has confirmed these rumors as true. AMN goes on to say that while the nunchuck attachment will indeed sense motion, it will not be as detailed as the Revmote. It looks as if this may be the final secret Nintendo has been holding on to for quite some time. Regardless of all these confirmations, everything involved in the story will stay a rumor until Nintendo’s media briefing on May 9th.




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Interesting you should say this:


me and fierce were talking about this yesterday.


[00:02:49] (8)Wait, the: . Using the Nintendo Revolution controller,

players will be able to mimic signature moves as they are

performed in the Dragon Ball Z animated series, such as

Goku®’s Kamehameha, moving both hands to execute this

devastating energy attack.

[00:02:53] (8)Wait, the: BOTH hands?

[00:02:58] Dabookerman/: hahaha

[00:03:21] (8)Wait, the: is that what you meant?

[00:03:26] Dabookerman/: yup

[00:03:36] Dabookerman/: that one paragraph

[00:03:36] (8)Wait, the: omfg

[00:03:39] Dabookerman/: its a beat em up

[00:03:49] Dabookerman/: so u do dragonball punches and shit

[00:03:52] Dabookerman/: sounds interesting

[00:04:35] (8)Wait, the: but hang on

[00:04:40] (8)Wait, the: two FHCs?

[00:04:47] Dabookerman/: possibly

[00:04:51] Dabookerman/: they didnt say

[00:04:52] Dabookerman/: fully

[00:05:06] (8)Wait, the: or are they implying that the FHC AND the

nunchuku are both motion sensitive?

[00:05:34] (8)Wait, the: but what are they implying?

[00:05:42] Dabookerman/: im assuming its 2 fhcs

[00:05:46] (8)Wait, the: to me, it sounds like 2 FHC

[00:05:48] Dabookerman/: yes

[00:05:55] Dabookerman/: u know what jim

[00:05:58] (8)Wait, the: but..

[00:06:00] (8)Wait, the: so wicked:D

[00:06:20] Dabookerman/: i wouldnt be at all surprised if the third

secret is that the nunchuk controller is also 3d

[00:06:31] (8)Wait, the: i would be

[00:06:32] (8)Wait, the: because

[00:06:41] (8)Wait, the: it would render the FHC pointless

[00:06:44] Dabookerman/: lol

[00:06:47] Dabookerman/: well

[00:07:02] Dabookerman/: who knows

[00:07:03] (8)Wait, the: i dont think there is a third secret

[00:07:08] (8)Wait, the: the secrets are the games

[00:07:08] Dabookerman/: well there is

[00:07:10] (8)Wait, the: thats what i think

[00:07:14] Dabookerman/: people call it the third secret

[00:07:39] Dabookerman/: in actualy fact it is A secret, or rather, a

FEATURE that hasnt been revealed yet

[00:07:51] (8)Wait, the: innit

[00:07:52] (8)Wait, the: but

[00:07:54] Dabookerman/: people seem to think its something big

[00:08:00] Dabookerman/: it may be maybe not

[00:08:03] (8)Wait, the: i'm expecting it to be the games personally

[00:08:06] Dabookerman/: nope

[00:08:10] Dabookerman/: its to do with the controller

[00:08:14] (8)Wait, the: or maybe another attachment

[00:08:18] (8)Wait, the: attachment probably

[00:08:18] Dabookerman/: yeah

[00:08:26] (8)Wait, the: touchscreen attachment

[00:08:28] (8)Wait, the: maybe

[00:08:35] Dabookerman/: iwata said, there is something about the

controller that hasnt been revealed yet

[00:08:44] Dabookerman/: thats basically what this 3rd secret is

[00:08:55] Dabookerman/: so where visors come into this i do not know

[00:09:04] Dabookerman/: not touch screen

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If this is true; in an FPS, when dual-weilding, would you be able to aim each gun independantly to one another. Ya know, have 2 reticules for each gun? And how would this effect the "looking around" in the game?

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you could do independent gun control im sure the looking arround problem could be addressed some how, you could for example have the looking arround tied to both hands so to look up you move both hands up, to look right move both hands right ect.


or you could just strap anouther controler to your head and problem solved lol.

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Great idea, but i will also be dissapointed if this is the third secret, purely because it's kinda like the remote?


We have to wait and see...


Didn't a developer already say that they were using the third secret before they even knew it was a secret? I think it was Ubi Soft?


I think this seems very probable to be honest. Maybe for example in an FPS you could slash the Analogue attachment up and down to perform a melee attack, or move it right to left in order to strafe. Certainly would give more options for control and there has to be something more in the Analogue Stick attachment or it'll feel almost weightless.

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Now please don't get me wrong this is just some absurd morning speculation before my lunch (so I am quite hungry):



Anyone remembers those Swatch watches which recharged the battery through moving your arm while wearing it? Couldn't Nintendo have done the same thing? After all you will move that controller everytime you are playing and with a well developed battery you also won't have the "memory" effect because normally when you deplete and charge a battery all the time it dies faster.


I mean just assume that your movement is enough to cover the force feedback unit and the normal battery capacity is for the rest. I am a technician but not verry good in this field so I might be awfully wrong but well I thought it might work.

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Well it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. In fact when I first saw the controller I initially thought that the analogue would be tilt sensitive also, it was only later I found out it wasn't. Even if it was basic forward, backward, left, and right movement it'd be pretty cool. Won't know for real until E3.

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