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Dog! Well, its cute and I love dogs but it doesn't seem to all 'fit' that well if you see what i mean, edges are a little harsh. Also the writing could be bigger, I can hardly read it.

But cause the dog looks so damn cool and attentive in the left and right hand photos it's still gonna have to be a 8

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Poofy, camp with girly colours. Just joshing with you mate :D - Nah it's cool, I'm not really a fan of pokemon but I can appreciate its appeal. Nice composition though you should work on the jpg compression as it looks a bit high.


10 cause I love ya

8 as a more fair assessment.


Re: mine, upped the colours and vibrancy a tad. Hopefully it's better this way.

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Hmmmm, think I prefered it in green. Or are you getting in touch with your feminine side a bit more these days ;) - still much better without the smaller text. And your avatar is still awesome.


(PS: it's Majora's Mask in the background. I wanted to go for a green/purple feel as those are Z:MM's colours)


ARGH, too late. Ok My buttons.... love the simplicity, placement of the text and overall fun-nes. I personally would get rid of the thin white border around the sig though.



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