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EEVIL's New Year Resolution Thread - 2024 Edition


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Last year for any retrospective: EEVIL's New Year Resolution Thread: 2023 edition - General Chit Chat - N-Europe Forums


For myself:

Unleash a YouTube channel - I'm coming along with the saxamaphone and would like to bring that magic to the masses, either solo or collaborating with others/their solo work. I know I'm not fully ready yet, I do need to practice more before I start uploading anything, but I've got a Channel set up, Twitter account made and email address ready for when it happens. I'm hoping to have at least a couple of videos up by the end of the year.

Carry on with ze German - This is probably a rolling one, I'm hoping to hit Oktoberfest again this year and would like to be able to have a bit more conversation in German, but they all know English better and it just feels rude to ask them to indulge me whilst I stammer over words for my benefit.

More gaming with all these models I paint - splashing out money on plastic and paints is all well and good, but it would be even nicer to get a bit more use out of them.

Sort out the trees in the garden - I've already decimated 3/4 of them, the last quarter I've had to pay to get lopped, come the better weather months I'll strip them bare and all will be well


You. Go!


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5 minutes ago, EEVILMURRAY said:

Sort out the trees in the garden - I've already decimated 3/4 of them

So you're the reason for climate change :nono::p

6 minutes ago, EEVILMURRAY said:

Carry on with ze German - This is probably a rolling one, I'm hoping to hit Oktoberfest again this year and would like to be able to have a bit more conversation in German

As a German...I cannot relate. I'm happy for every chance I get not to speak German :D

I don't do new year resolutions. If I want to change/do something I just try to do it.

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Hmm so looking at last year I didn't really have any. I mentioned travelling but that was more a plan (which happened) than a resolution. Also wanted to bulk up and actually I've kind of ended up doing the opposite. January 1st I weight 71.5kg and today I'm at 66.3kg. Travelling did make me lose about 5kg because when you can't control your food intake its hard for a veggie to get sufficient protein and my muscle mass was the first to go. Ended up spending the latter half of the year doing a recomp of sorts.

Anyway, 2024!

Next year is going to be a transitionary year for me. Decided I want to travel again in 2025 and look to move somewhere. I thought getting back from travelling I'd have gotten it out of my system and look to settle down (given I've basically spent the last 20 years constantly moving from one thing to the next) but nah, don't want to be here.

I'm going back to my old job on a one year contract to save some more money and to give myself time to get my career in a better position to freelance. I came back from travelling and did PTing for a while and the idea was to do freelance web design alongside it but need to build up a portfolio still. Got some projects under my belt, just need some time to get my ducks in a row.

My loose goals for the year are:

  • Save about 50-60% of that salary
  • Become more structured in my language learning (still figuring out how exactly but it has definitely slipped off lately)
  • To bulk (yes, its a repeat)
  • To get in a better position so that at the end of the year I can begin freelancing properly (develop new skills, sort out portfolio, sort out the business side of it etc)
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Last year was the first time in a few years that buying a home wasn't one of my resolutions, yet it actually finally happened. Perhaps I should just say stuff I don't want to happen :laughing:

Really though my only goal this year is to start eating better and get into better shape, I've just had a rowing machine delivered this morning so hopefully I actually use that on the regular!

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I normally don't pay much mind to New Year's Resolutions. They're arbitrary goals set at the beginning of the year that inevitably get sidetracked by reality... but I definitely want to set some abstract goals that lead me into the life I want to have. Not 100% sure on what they might be, but I will want to check them every couple of months or so.

Gaming-wise, I have a few (mostly backlog-related ones) that are set:

  • Focus on clearing the NSO: By "clearing", I mean make a decision one way or the other. "Dropping" I game I have no interest in also counts as "clearing". I don't expect to clear it fully by the end of the year (watch them add Banjo-Tooie & Perfect Dark simultaneously in December or something), but if I reach 80-90%, I'll be very happy;
  • Clear every game in my backlog that's marked as "Unfinished": I have tons of unplayed games, but only a dozen or so that are "unfinished". Once again, not fully expecting to clear it by the end, but reducing it to 1 or 2 would be excellent;
  • Finish at least one RPG: Not "drop", I mean, properly finish a longform game. Could be a 10-hour NES RPG, as long as it is that genre, and a proper adventure;
  • Make a firm decision regarding Fire Emblem Heroes: December was a wreck for that game, or rather, my enjoyment of it. I'm giving it until February to get its shit together, and if it doesn't, I will officially uninstall it.

Yeah, keep it small and realistic, focus on one goal at a time. Should be fun.

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