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Baldur's Gate 3 (PC out now/PS5 September 6th)

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Started a co-op playthrough with a mate. We played for three hours straight :D Meet:


Solus (me) - The Human Bard
Koh (my mate) - The Orc Fighter
And for now Astarion and Shadowheart.

It started off really well. Fights went smoothly, exploration was great.

And then...my mate just had to get close to that one spot in the Overgrown Ruins. He and Shadowheart crashed through the floor and engaged in a fight :nono:
I went through the main entrance and joined the kerfuffle from behind.

Thanks to Tactician difficulty screwing us, we suffered lots and lots of (critical) misses. Needless to say...it was a tough one :D But we pulled through.

Given my mate's much more adult living situation (full-time job, pregnant wife) compared to mine, it's difficult to gauge how much time we'll have to play this.
The first session was great fun, though. Hopefully our next isn't too far off!

Welp...I have to work in 4 hours so...good night :laughing:

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Also announced yesterday that the Xbox version is due to drop in December:


18 minutes ago, Hero-of-Time said:

Physical edition has finally been shown.


Man, I'm so very torn on this. 

It's a beautiful set, and at €79.99/$79.99 honestly looks like a bit of a steal. 3 disc OST, a physical cloth map, cool box? Awesome. But there's also a €20/$20 shopping fee to both Europe and the US, so really it's €100/$100 a pop at this Deluxe Edition, which is making the "price" look a bit deceptive. 

The Xbox edition being 3 discs vs 2 discs on the PS5 is super interesting. Coming Q1 2024 certainly makes it a difficult choice for the few stragglers on Xbox who care about physical, I imagine. 

...but I think I'm going to hold out. Still no word on a standard edition, and already owning the game, I don't really feel the need to get a physical DE – I only want the physical version to sit nicely on my shelf :p

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