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Resident Evil: Code Veronica

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If Capcom were to remake it, would you buy it? 

I think the original CV is somewhat underrated. It gets some heat because of the length of it and because Alfred Ashford acts really strange. But this game is one of the most atmospheric in the entire franchise. It would be great under the RE Engine, provided they don't make it look so dark, much like the RE2 remake is. The Dreamcast was truly a special console in the relatively brief time it shone. 

What did you think of the game's creepiness factor? The Ashford palace is eerie with the dolls and the bats. If you remember, they wouldn't attack you if you equipped the lighter. There were other interesting enemies as well, like the Sweepers, which are the purple, poisonous Hunters. The Hunters are always to be taken seriously, just like the Lickers. 

Plus, in general, CV is a highly important installment. If Capcom had any sense, they would know that CV is meant to be the "real" RE4. Since CV is the true sequel to RE2, after all. It's the game where Chris finds Claire in Antarctica and Wesker torments Chris by threatening to finish him off. 

At the time, RE3 was a bit unfairly dismissed as being a side story game, when it's actually one of the best games in the series, in my opinion. But CV is actually the true follow up to RE2, however way one may look at things. That has always been the case. 

But the remake of RE3 was totally garbage. So hopefully the RE4 remake will be so amazing, that Capcom will consider keeping the history intact, and recreate CV with the TLC I feel it deserves.

If not, then screw 'em, I suppose...

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