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Games You Never Played

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Fantastic topic!

There are a few big games I really need to get around to playing one day:

Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid 2 from PlayStation days.

Bayonetta and Xenoblade Chronicles are both games I have, but for some reason have never started.

Persona 5 is probably the newest game I’d really like to play, but I’m slightly worried about the number of hours I’ll need to put aside for it!

Finally, a game I did play when I was much younger but I would absolutely love to find and 100% is Lemmings 2: Tribes. The Lemmings games were some of the first PC games I played and completed. To this day I still feel unfulfilled not to have finished Tribes and I don’t know how to find the game nowadays or if I would ever be able to fully complete.

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