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Alone in the Dark

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About 20 years ago, Alone in the Dark: Jack is Back was one of my favourite games on the original PlayStation. This is now as rare as hen's teeth.

I actually thought Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare was a solid alternative to RE2, etc. You could play as either Edward Carnby, or Aline Cedrac. This made it feel like it was 2 games in 1, and their campaigns were different. As Aline, you have to solve more puzzles. Kind of like when you control Leon and Claire, or Chris and Jill, they would change things around. You know? :) 

Yeah. So the graphics are bad looking, because well, we're in the HD era now. But this game was actually released for the PC in 1993, so the version on the PS1 is really the 1995 updated version. My user names "Grace Saunders" and "thesaunderschild" are based on the character who supports Edward Carnby in the second game, and she was in the mini game Jack in the Dark as well.

Look at the creepy camera angles. RE, much? But this game did it first, though. :p 

Please avoid the Uwe Boll movie, like your life depended on it...


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