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Holiday Memories

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Or for a more accurate title "Cube wants an excuse to post some of his photos from his holiday a year ago".

So, holidays this year are somewhat...lacking, so what better than sharing memories of previous holidays and remembering the good times. A year ago (today) I went to Carcassonne, it started off as a joke ("lets to go Carcassonne to play the board game there") but me and my girlfriend looked at photos and it looked amazing. Our original plan was Edinburgh, but due to train and accommodation costs, the price difference wasn't actually that much, so we figured we'd go abroad. I also had an additional plan: work in a proposal somewhere. 

On the first day, after sorting out our apartment (which was nice and we could see some of the towers, and was cheaper than any hotel we found), we pottered around the medieval city:




Then had some food at a restaurant that looked nice. We discovered the speciality of Carcassone: a, which is a sort of duck and pork bean casserole. 


It was amazing, and something I make at home as a treat every few months, we had another walk around at night, where they light up the city:


The full day 1 album is here:

When I got there, I was stunned by the size of it, it's an absolutely beautiful city.


Does anyone else have any holidays they wish to share? I'll be making an update each day 

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These pictures are making me want to travel.

Thanks, Cube!

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Those do look great. Getting real withdrawals from the lack of traveling this year. I know it's a massive first world problem, but travel is basically my main hobby and it sucks that we've not been able to go away this year.

Good idea for a thread though! I might spam it with some of my favourite pictures at some point, but it's an arse doing it from my phone.

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Well I was meant to be travelling the world but that didn't quite happen so I'm going to be a bit self-indulgent and reminisce about where I did go.

Jan 30th-Feb 2nd - Warsaw

Random cheap flights and I'd never been to Poland so thought I'd give it a try. Just ambled around a bit going to museums and that sort, although one day I walked about 38km which was tiring. Food and drink were surprisingly cheap, like "is this bill right?" kind of cheap.


February 5th-7th - Athens

Flying visit to see a friend and his family as he was working there (supposedly for 6 months, he's still in Greece because of flight issues). Have been to/through Athens a few times and I only really had one full day while there in which I went to the Acropolis museum as it was raining a bit. Easy Jet (or RyanAir, forget which I used) blasted the air con on the way out so I ended up with a cold.


February 12th-15th 16th - Barcelona

Another 'well its cheap' kind of thing. Ended up chatting to a random person on the first night and spent most of the time with them and I'm still in touch with them. Also met a friend of a friend on one of the days who was a local and showed me round. 

It was one of those stormy weekends when we travelled back so we tried to land twice and couldn't and then were sent back to Barcelona. Ended up in a hotel at about 1am with a 5am wake up to get another flight back and this time we landed on our third attempt.


March 1st-4th - Rio

This is when the trip started in earnest (those ones above were while I was still working). First day was kind of a write off as I had all sorts of problems with my card so I couldn't get money out (turns out even thought it's a debit card I had to select credit, live and learn!) but the rest of the time I just explored the Copacabana beach, went up Sugarloaf Mountain and just ambled a bit really. Was rainy most of the time unfortunately.


March 4th-6th - Sao Paolo

Only had one full day here and spent most of it in a giant park which was nice because the city is huge (and thus a lot more I could have seen) but so car-orientated it was nice to be in green space and just chill out a bit.


March 7th-8th - Iguazu

After a bus ride that was supposed to be about 19 hours but turned into something like 22 I arrived in the Brazilian side of these falls and spent the day at the falls. They were amazing, truly fantastic to see. Plus saw some coatis who are evidently greedy buggers (that is a complete stranger in that picture) but cute.  


March 8th-9th - Iguacu

A short bus ride and border check later I was in the Argentinian side and saw that side of the falls which were again, amazing. Also chatted to a random person and they showed me a local spot to watch the sunset which was a nice tip. Ended up buying a cap with a coatis on too.



March 10th-18th - Buenos Aires

Sadly where the trip unexpectedly ended. Was due to leave on the 16th or so to go to Mendoza (oh the wine I've missed out on) but ultimately ended up having to come home. I did consider just bunkering down there during April in the hopes it would pass - remember that optimism we had back in March?

As is often the case in cities I just explored on foot mostly checking out galleries, museums, parks etc. The saving grace of it though was I met someone and we clicked and spent a fair bit of time with and it helped in those last few days where I knew I was going to have to leave to have someone rather than mope alone, plus they surprised me by skipping work to say goodbye on my last day. 








Technically also went back to Sao Paolo and Madrid on my journey back. The former I spent the night, the latter I spent 8 hours in the closed airport. Seeing this really hit home as that was the departure board for the whole day.

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1 hour ago, Mr_Odwin said:

Might just me @Ashley, but I can't see any of your images. None of them are loading in.

Maybe a Google Photos access thing? Moved them to a different host anyway.

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Now I see them. :-)

You've managed to make travelling look cool, even though it's something I'm not particularly interested in.

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