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Xbox Game Pass (Console & PC)

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Just a heads-up for anyone that might be interested, there's currently an offer of 3 months GamePass Ultimate for £1. It's not just reserved for new subscriptions either, I was able to resubscribe at that price. :D

Not had Ultimate since cloud gaming became a thing but have to say I'm really impressed by it! Being able to instantly jump into any game on the service without having to install or update anything is just amazing! :o You definitely notice the reduced picture quality/compression, but it's no way near as bad as I was expecting, and the games I've tried so far have all been very responsive with no noticeable input lag. It's like some kind of video game magic. :heh:

Also had a quick go on it via my phone, the smaller screen size definitely hides the picture quality issues (it looks super crisp on a small display) but using the various touch controls is far from ideal. It also seems to absolutely wreck your battery charge. So yeah, it's a bit of a novelty on mobile. Great on a PC monitor/TV though.

Having instant access to so much stuff does make it even more difficult to focus on a single title though. :laughing:

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