New Pokémon Snap (30th April 2021)

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Got this in yesterday, still haven't touched it. I remember getting the N64 pokemon snap for my either 11th or 10th birthday. Played the crap out of it.

I'm not sure if i can relate to this game with all the new pokemon. The last pokemon game I seriously played to the end was gold. I've only dabbled in Platinum and Ruby.

I'll fire it up after dinner and see how it is.

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I just started it today and have been playing it for about a couple of hours or so now (just unlocked the second stage)...

So far, it's not bad, but I feel that it is lacking in interactivity so far compared to the N64 original. Each Pokemon seems to just be walking around doing its own thing, and they don't seem to interact with each other really... And most don't seem to do much of anything when you throw apples at them either (at least in the first stage anyway).  There's nothing like the Surfing Pikachu, or the Meowth Knockout, or the hidden Scyther or Lapras from the first Beach stage in the N64 original here.  So far, the game seems to be lacking those puzzle and interactive stage elements that made the original game so much fun.

Now, from what I've been hearing around the internets, it sounds like the game starts introducing more of those puzzle elements as it goes on.  I hope that's the case, because it feels a bit bland so far. 

That being said? I do like the new star system for the poses; it neatly solves an issue with the original game, where certain poses were just worth way more points than others (thus making it not worth showing the lower scoring poses to the Professor), since each different pose now has its own seperate score to obtain.  The Requests system also seems quite promising, offering some incentives to snap different types of Pokemon poses, so perhaps we'll see more of those puzzle & interactive elements come into play there?

Also... Mad props for this!


Even madder props for actually aging him up! He actually does look 22 years older than he was back in 1999 :D 

Music is alright so far, nothing all that memorable though.  The stick controls are also pretty sluggish, even on the highest sensitivity setting (also it defaults to non-inverted for the opening tutorial, which pissed me off); the decision to get rid of the quick 90 degree turning is also not a good one, as it makes it really slow to move the camera around you fully... Thankfully the motion controls manage to save the day; with the maximum sensitivity offering the speed & precision this game sorely needs!

So... mixed feelings so far then.  Not bad, but so far it's not quite living up to the original.  The potential is there though, and from what I've been hearing? I'm hopeful that the later stages will bring back more of the puzzle solving and interactive elements that made the N64 original such a joy.

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