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Gran Turismo 7 (4th March 2022)

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Latest update:

Yeah, they fixed the PP glitch for the Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT in Tokyo Expressway so that you can no longer use the fastest car in the game in a race limited to 600 PP cars, RIP. Oh wait, no, never mind, people have already got around that

Yeah, I've still been chipping away at the game, and it's probably been my main game over the last month despite the Café stuff being long done. Thanks to the above glitch after the previous update you could grind 825k in 18-20 minutes of 12 laps on Tokyo Expressway, compared with the Le Mans track which is a time restricted race which was at least 30 minutes long.

As part of the previous update they also made all of the invite-only cars have invitations available until mid-May, which I've taken advantage of by grinding for and buying them all, as well as one of three legendary Le Mans cars needed for a hard to get trophy (I'm going to grind for these credits and then just sit on them until these two cars turn up on the store). I've got 6 Licence Tests to still go for Gold for, a bunch of Sport mode online races to complete, a few things related to trophies, and I've got Circuit Experiences to complete, so I think after I finish grinding away for credits I'll be tackling those one at a time; think I'll dial it back and just have an hour or so on it a day while I cruise towards those, because I want to get back to Dragon Quest VIII :p

The game is still a lot of fun to play (giving myself the challenge while grinding of getting as fast a lap/race time on Tokyo Expressway with a car which is way too fast for a track like that has been the most fun I've had with the game!) but there's just so much getting in the way of that at times that I could easily see myself putting the game down once I get the Plat. Still, got a lot of time out of it! 

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