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Silent Hill

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So recently, a new film was announced. The stuff I read about two new games is just speculation. But if you think about it, I couldn't see Konami resurrecting the film series and leaving the games alone. 

One of the new games allegedly in development is a soft-reboot. That kind of makes sense. The last several games were not big hits critically or commercially. Unlike other survival horror franchises, the sequels in this series were always just loosely connected to the previous entries, besides the third one most of all. So it doesn't matter that they are just making a new sequel and just referring to it as a remake, or a reboot.

The 2009 reimagining was in my opinion just really bad, though. You just used a phone or a flashlight, exploring boring buildings, and you ran away from the creatures as opposed to using any weapons. It was so bad.

Maybe Konami will see the light the way James did in the rowing boat that he took to get to the hotel across the lake. Who can honestly say? 

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