Xbox Series X - Christmas 2020

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Xbox have been on fire lately! Some incredible moves and such a contrast to Sony sitting back, not saying much and just releasing their big games. If you can mix PS4’s first party output and Xbox’s... everything else, for next gen that’d be the perfect “hardcore” platform. 

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12 hours ago, killthenet said:

I don't know where you get that idea @Dcubed, the difference in specs between PS5 and Series X will be negligible - if there's even a difference at all. There definitely won't be the gulf between base systems like there was last time round

No way.  We've already seen the PS5 dev kit; it's not even half the size of the Series X (which has totally given up on the standard console form factor and is shipping in an ITX sized case).  The simple laws of thermodynamics mean that the Series X will be substantially more powerful.  It simply has far more room for cooling and more room for a bigger die on its chips.  The trade off is that the Series X will, of course, be much larger and unlikely to fit into a standard entertainment setup; it will also probably be a lot more expensive.


Both consoles will also be far more expensive than previous machines, simply because of the SSD alone (which alone will add around £150-200 on the BOM by itself!); never mind the high-end GPUs and Ryzen CPUs that they're shipping with.  However.  It's not 2013 anymore.  These days, people have been conditioned to accept £1,000+ smartphones as the norm; and I suspect that Microsoft will be pushing to sell the Series X on a smartphone style contract as the norm, like what they've already been experimenting with in the US with the Xbox One X.


£200 upfront, £25 a month for 24 months with Game Pass included? That's a LOT more pallatable to the average consumer than an off contract price of £799.99; and I suspect that this is the angle that Microsoft will push as the primary way to buy the console.


Sony's console also won't be cheap, but it won't be as much as the Series X (I'd be very surprised if it was only $499.99; $599.99 is much more realistic given the SSD and the specs).  On the other hand, Game Pass is a true killer app and it's gonna be the big USP that will allow Microsoft to get away with selling the console on contract.


The old economics of gaming hardware are long dead.  We live in an age of smartphone contracts being the norm; where even 10 year old children have smartphones where their parents buy contracts for them.  Don't expect pricing to fall in line with previous hardware and don't expect the same model of sale to be used this time around.  The pricing and subscription models on display are, by far, going to be the most interesting aspect of this new generation of hardware I reckon.

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I get the logic of your argument @Dcubed but I don't think it will quite play out like that. Those PS5 dev kits could require a huge power supply to function but it's just hidden from view under the desk. Just because the series X look large in the official photos doesn't mean there will be any more surface area than you get from the more traditional flatter & wider form factor of conventional games consoles. From the leaks (and what Sony has discussed) it seems like the two platforms will be very close in terms of raw CPU & GPU performance. If there is a gulf we likely won't see it for a couple of years anyway, given Microsoft's insistence on supporting the base Xbox One.

I think it's a bit too early for them to go with an outright contract model too, I don't think consumers are ready for it en mass. Microsoft will probably offer the same deal they do with the X in some territories but they won't market it as the way to own their console. Both consoles will undoubtedly be more expensive than normal but I don't think they'll cost consumers anything close to what you predict, will be £550 at the very most. 

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I cannot speak as to what the prices of the games consoles will be, but I don't know how Microsoft can potentially offer what they're seemingly offering for $500 and walk away with a cent of profit.

Although I skipped this gen, it's mega interesting watching how things are developing from the sidelines.

@Dcubed's theory about a mobile style payment plan is definitely something I can see being implemented. In fact, it makes complete sense. Get a nice down payment, 24 month contract, get people hooked on the idea of "playing anything" and not owning games and you're guaranteed to get a massive number of subs in the long run. Interesting theory. Part of me hopes the go down this road, just to see how it changes the industry. 

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Because the Series X is gonna be about twice the physical size of the PS5.


Simple.  Unless Sony want to put out a behemoth of a console, like what Microsoft are doing, it can't possibly match the Series X's specs.


On the flipside, the PS5 will no doubt be substantially cheaper than the Series X (though I suspect that it itself will end up being $599.99/€599.99)


Ok, your post followed on from that of "Smart Delivery" so I thought you were saying Sony wouldn't be able to match Microsoft's ability to give gamers the PS5 versions of games they already own. I very much expect them to - at least, there's no reason they shouldn't.


I think you're vastly overestimating the need for power here. Sony don't need to match crazy specs. If Microsoft target a level of power that means their system is prohibitively expensive then that's a real misstep. They don't want to be in the same situation as at the start of last gen.


Ultimately though I think this power talk is a lot of smoke and mirrors - Microsoft actually need to develop some good exclusive games this time round to entice people over. They've got a much more difficult task ahead of them this time - people have now amassed big digital libraries on their chosen formats and now the next consoles are backwards compatible they can carry on playing them. I can't see a lot of PS4 owners jumping ship unless Sony royally fuck up or Microsoft somehow deliver a lot of good games around launch.


One last point on price - remember that both companies can afford to sell at a bigger loss now than in previous generations. They make much more money from subscriptions and digital sales than at the start of the last generation so can afford to take more of a hit to secure more long term sales. Not saying they definitely plan to take more of a hit, just that they can.

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