Marvel's Phase 4

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Well, what do the MCU fans of N-Europe think about phase 4?

I personally can't get enough of these movies! Spider-Man Far From Home (and especially its ending) really hyped me again for more. I'm mostly looking forward to Doctor Strange and the Universe of Madness. The title already sounds interestingly strange and I like the character in general. Thor Love & Thunder will likely be great as well, same goes for Black Widow, even though the choice of timing for this movie is very oddly chosen. And then there'll be Shang-Chi and the Eternals as new IPs. Even though I don't know anything about them, I'm looking forward to these movies going more into Marvel's cosmic backstory (Eternals) and into the beginning of the MCU (Shang-Chi connecting back to the Iron Man movies).

What I dislike however are the several Disney+ projects. While they sound interesting in general, the idea that they'll be connected to the movies is not something for me. As I said, I love the MCU, but I don't have the time to watch 8 and more series of who knows how many episodes, which are also exclusive to a streaming platform that I'm not slightly interested in. I just hope the connections to the movies will be on a minimal level.

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Hm, looks decent!! Though I wonder if it will be that interesting since you know that she's in the Avengers-movies.

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