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Dandy Dungeon - Legend of Brave Yamada -

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So I ended up getting this today, shouldn't have really seeing as SMM2 is mere hours away but I simply couldn't resist. The game looked way too weird and too funny to wait. Anyway, have played for about an hour so far, and I am loving it! :bouncy: Had me cracking up from the get-go, the scenario and dialogue are just absolutely hilarious! :laughing: The retro RPG presentation is top-notch as well!





:D Some of the sprite work is very reminiscent of Tingle's Rupeeland, another win for this game then. 

Gameplay-wise this seems to pretty much be grinding the game as you need to replay dungeons to obtain gear plus items to perform upgrades etc. but I reckon it'll be great for quick pick up and play sessions, and it appears to have been adapted from a F2P mobile title very well. :cool:

Anyway, going to mention a few people that I think would especially enjoy this...

@Grazza @Ike @Hero-of-Time @Glen-i @S.C.G (I know you were already interested in it)

Check it out if you haven't done so already.



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