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Elden Ring — FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin

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7 hours ago, Julius said:

Genuine question having only played Demon's Souls: do any of the other From games have a map? Because this game being open world, it would pretty much have to have a map, right? Which is really weird to think about. 

Of course I can only speak to Demon's Souls, but I know what you mean about the light narrative direction, it's really clear just how much Ueda's works inspired Miyazaki. I'm imagining a largely Shadow of the Colossus-like open world which is virtually empty, save for skirmishes as you get closer to settlements, which would be more intricately designed in line with From's other games. I guess I'm kind of also imagining Hyrule Field from Ocarina of Time? Secrets in the open world of course (hidden dungeons, stuff behind waterfalls, caves, etc.), would be really interesting if there were a Nemesis-like system between settlements, and a massive, SotC-like boss in the open world would be cool too. 

Haven't played Sekiro, but no maps in any of their games otherwise.

Good digging Julius. I'd be gutted with a delay, but I'd rather they took their time and got it right. And this will be tough for them. Not so much putting everything in everything that needs to go into an open world - they'll give us a big map and plenty of quests no problem - but maintaining that incredible atmosphere and gameplay/difficulty balance will require a lot of tuning. 

So yeah, take your time Miyazaki.

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