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Atomic Heart (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

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I came across this on Imgur of all places and it's slowly being picked up by sites. It's by a Russian dev team called Mundfish and is set to come to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

There isn't a huge amount of details on what the game entails and it's narrative but it's a first person shooter set in an alternate 1970's reality and it seems to centre around a Russian secret agent being sent into to investigate why facility #3826 has gone dark. The facility seems to have been the place for some highly experimental research and is now overrun with the living dead as well as robots seeking to kill anything that moves. Beyond that, there isn't much else known.

That being said, from the aesthetic it looks absolutely fantastic. It seems to have taken clear inspiration from a load of games, such as Bioshock, the Metro titles, Stalker and (at least with the robot designs) NIER Automata, though it's certainly taken it's own spin own things.

The first full trailer has only come out this week but Mundfish have a 2018 date for the game. Whether it makes that remains to be seen as there's no gameplay or hands on yet but hopefully this'll start to happen at E3 or if not there, at Gamescom. If it plays as well as some of its inspirations do then it could be a gem.

One to watch for me anyway as I think it looks great. Just hope that it plays as good as it looks.

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